Poseable Mesh Per Poly Collissn still dosen't work?

I made “trace by channel” in BP and created new trace channel called “cursor” for tracing in Preference. So I need collision for Mouse Cursor. Actors (Static Meshes) works perfect with Custom Collision settings. Ignore everything, block cursor. It’s OK. Actor can change Colors on mouse over. Can move by mouse on mouse click etc. So Tracing cursor works fine for Static Meshes.

But Poseable Mesh with Skeletal mesh in it does not work at all with mouse Cursor trace. No tracing with simple collision boxes made by PhAT, no tracing with Per Poly Collision checked at Skeletal Mesh Details. It does not works with Camera or Visibility trace also. It does not trace at all. It possible to trace Skeletal Mesh. But if Skeletal Mesh is the part of Possible Mesh Component it stop working.

Here is a question about same problem, but there is Skeletal Mesh itself, i mean character not the Poseable Mesh:

Is there some way to trace Poseable Mesh Surface? I mean It can be scaled by bones, OK? But I need to trace deformed Mesh surface not the bones bounding/collision boxes (spheres etc, you call it Physical Asset). Is it real to trace may be…Physical Mat of the object? Any ideas?