Port-A-Bunker spawns in landscape

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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When you throw out a port-a-bunker on landscape that is not on the player build grid it will usually spawn with a ramp and then the “bunker” on that ramp and if you throw it on the build grid it will spawn without the ramp and only the “bunker”. The issue is that the ramp never spawn so port-a-bunkers that is thrown at landscape that isn’t aligned with the player build grid will spawn in the ground without the ramp. This issue is only in uefn maps because if you create a map in creative 1.0 it works fine and the port-a-bunker spawn with a ramp when it needs to but in uefn this is not the case.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a uefn map with a landscape. Sculpt mountains or just small bumps in the landscape that isn’t aligned with the player built grid. Throw out a port-a-bunker.

Expected Result

Port-a-bunker should spawn with a ramp that makes the “bunker” itself spawn on the next player build grid position.

Observed Result

The port-a-bunker spawn without the ramp and makes the “bunker” spawn in the ground or half of it in the ground.



Here is how it should look like when the bunker spawn on landscape that isn’t aligned with the player build grid. This picture was taken in creative 1.0

And here is how it is in uefn projects

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The status of FORT-766458 incident has been moved from ‘To Do’ to ‘In Progress’.

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Huge vouch under this report I don’t really understand why none of the epic employees responded to it yet. PLEASE GET IT FIXED