Porsche 911 GT3 RS REV2

Practice work with Real-Time RayTracing (RTRT), by Unreal Engine 4.22 and Substance.

I want to know the new technology, what DXR/RTX can achieve in photorealistic rendering process, and what`s the limitation.
So unlike the last Flame Porsche(, I didn’t use any eye candy for this time, but try to actually reproduce the most common and standard studio shooting. The output should be as close as a normal photo.

I have tried a lot for this, including adding subtle dust/scratch/pleat effects to the material. For example, on the headrests shots, I highlighted the folds, fingerprints and grease left by the skin after use. Of course, the Very Old one is specially adjusted for show these features. These small details are also everywhere, including the screen and carbon fiber, I hope you will not really notice, but can feel them when you are watching. In addition, Substance is really convenient for making these small details. Previously, I had to do a day with PS, in Substance, it`s just one hour!

Since it is made by Unreal, the app itself can of course run in real time. On my computer, it can run stably at 1440p 30fps. I believe that after proper optimization, it can run 4K 30fps; I will render a video later. Also because this is a Real-Time work, these images have not been post-processed by Photoshop, AE, Nuke, etc. This is what you see at run time.

As far as my current experience, the new version is unstable. GPU driver crashes all the time. I hope that Epic and NV will improve this later. In addition, there is only one word to say: AWESOME! It`s a revolution in lighting, shading and rendering, super fast and intuitive. Easy to change and good to your mood(except for the crash). So I believe that tomorrow’s offline renderer is the film camera today, and this process will be very fast.

Finally, thanks to the Polygon model made by Fang Xiang, he spent four months doing this interior, and I was deeply impressed by the details when I was making the app!
At the same time, I would like to thank Mr.32 Hartmut for his very valuable advice on my final lighting adjustment. He has eagle`s eyes!

My computer:
CPU: i7 6950x
GPU: RTX TITAN (Yeah, I paid a Titan on my own to try RTRT. Cool!)
Hope you guys like.

使用Unreal Engine 4.22和Substance制作的实时光线追踪(Real-Time RayTracing, RTRT)练习作品。

我想了解新技术,也就是DXR/RTX在照片级写实渲染上究竟能做到什么程度,以及还有哪些限制。所以和上一次的火焰版保时捷(不同,这一次的创作我没有使用任何的eye candy(应该翻译成“讨喜的套路”么?),而是尝试实打实地复现最普通也最标准的摄影棚效果,并尽可能地接近原始照片的质感。

为此我做了很多尝试,包括给材质加入细微的尘埃/划痕/褶皱效果。比如那几张头枕特写上,我突出表现了皮经过使用后留下的褶皱,指纹和油脂,当然,Very Old那张是为了怕看不清所以专门这么调的。这些小细节在其它地方也很多,包括屏幕和碳纤维上,希望你们不会一眼注意到,但是能感觉到这些细节。另外,Substance用来做这些小细节真的是太方便了,以前用PS要做一天的事情在Substance上一个小时就可以搞定!

由于是Unreal制作的,所以这个APP本身当然可以实时运行。在我的电脑上,能够稳定运行在1440p 30fps,我相信经过合理的优化,它可以稳定运行4K 30fps;稍后我会输出一个视频来做展示。同样由于这是一个Real-Time作品,这些图片都没有经过任何的Photoshop,AE,Nuke等后处理,这就是运行时看到的样子。

就我目前的使用经验来说,Unreal Engine 4.22 还非常不稳定,显卡驱动崩溃简直是家常便饭,希望Epic和NV后续能改善稳定性问题。除此之外,只有一个爽字可以形容,RTRT带来的即时反馈对创作效率和创作心情的改善简直是革命性的,在RTRT环境下打光非常非常快。因此我相信离线渲染器的明天就是胶片相机的今天,而且这个过程会很快。

最后,感谢方向制作的这台Polygon模型,他花了4个月来做这个内饰,我在制作时一遍遍地感慨这些细节做的真牛逼!同时感谢Mr.32 Hartmut,他为我最后的光照调整提出了非常宝贵的意见,鹰一样的好眼力!

CPU: i7 6950x
GPU: RTX TITAN (是啊,我为了玩RTRT专门大出血烧了一张泰坦来爽,哈哈哈)