Poor shadow res from thin meshes with LPV on.

So I’m using Light Propagation Volumes and a movable directional light for full dynamic lighting - which works well enough. But there’s an issue I just can’t resolve, being that shadows cast from thin meshes break up within even 2-3 meters. Happens with a fence I’ve got going around a building, where the individual beams and railings aren’t very thick. I’ve attached screens, showing the problems.

1, 2, 3 and light settings

Leaving out the fencing is not an option. Larger objects don’t have the same problem, or at least to a much lesser degree. I tried using combined and single static meshes for fences and floorboards respectively, to no discernible difference. It seems obvious that if I could force the shadow cascades higher, it’d work, but it doesn’t seem possible.

I would rather prefer staying away from Lightmass baking, which would take ages to render out with so many shadow maps to do :confused: . The entire building is about 130 by 25 meters, and while there are a couple hundred of those fence beams, it’s not something I’d expect the engine to not eat up without problems.

Maybe the GI solution Lionhead is developing will do a better job, but right now I’d prefer getting it running well with the means available.