Poor performance in 4.10.2. Anyone else noticed this?

I upgraded from 4.10.1 to 4.10.2 yesterday and now I’m getting lots of judder in most scenes. With 4.10.1 I never experienced any judder at all.

If I launch my game that was packaged with 4.10.1 or earlier I have no problems with judder.

Anyone else having VR performance problems with 4.10.2 ?
Is there any way to downgrade to 4.10.1 ?

I don’t see a version 4.10.2 anywhere…

ah…It’s downloading now. Will let u know if I see a perf drop…

I didn’t notice any performance problems with 4.10.2

You can only downgrade if you check out the source version of the engine from github. You can’t downgrade with the launcher version.

Problem has been solved now.
I had to rebuild the lightning on all levels even though I didn’t get the “Lightning needs rebuilding” message. After that performance is normal again.