Poor Oculus performance in certain scenes

I’ve just recently started trying to do development for the Oculus in Unreal, and I’m having an issue with performance in certain situations. The VR example in the ContentExamples project, for example, only runs at about 50fps which leads to a lot of stuttering, and I have to turn the detail level down to medium before it finally stays at 75fps consistently. A sample project I made that was nothing more than a few walls and a couple of point lights suffered from the same issue. What baffles me is that despite this, the ShowdownVR demo runs at a completely smooth 75fps all the way through at max detail, and several Oculus demos I’ve downloaded that were made with Unreal also run with no issues whatsoever.

I get the same problem in both 4.9.2 and 4.10.2. I was running Windows 7 until a few days ago and recently upgraded to Windows 10, and that also made no difference. I have an i5-4590, 32 GB of ram, and two GTX 970 cards running in SLI. I’m also running three monitors in addition to my Oculus if that makes a difference. Does anyone have any idea what might be the cause of this?

This could be a really good start:

Got me very far.

Yes it is usually the post processing, especially for basic/light scenes.

Awesome! thanks for sharing!

Yep, it looks like turning down effects and post-processing got me to 75fps. I wasn’t expecting them to take up so much render time in such simple scenes but that’s definitely good to know. Thanks!