Poor Framerate in Android is Unity3D better for Mobiles?

Im getting very poor fps exporting to Android. Its an initial setup and I only have 10 fps thats far not enough…

Is there a way to optimize fps in Unreal Engine4 ?? Im using a Nexus7. Is there a tutorial for precomputed visibility???

Or is Unity 3d better suited for mobiles???


It depends heavily on what’s in your scene, the complexity of the shaders, what logic you are running and the like. No matter what engine you use, it’s very easy to overtax mobile hardware unless you optimize with care. Hope that helps.

Hello Thanks for your Reply

I loadet the default FirstPerson BluePrint. There aro no complex Textures. Its the initial setup that gets bad frame Rate. Its a simple scene therefore Im wondering of this bad Performance…

Make sure all post processing is off. You can also try and make sure all shaders only use an emissive lighting model to see if that is the problem. I don’t know how Unreal handles mobile, but I think it will always uses deferred rendering, which has a lot of impact on mobile. Turning it on in Unity will also decrease frame rate instantly in an empty scene.

I have not done a lot with Unreal mobile, I just tested the mobile rendering demo on my Galaxy s4, and it heated up insanely. Tappy Chicken however is working like a charm. So it is doable, I’m just not convinced the current lighting solution is optimized that well for mobile.

I think in general, unless otherwise stated the game examples aren’t optimized for mobile, but rather for desktop, so its not surprising that they won’t run well out of the box on mobile. It’s definitely possible to make something that does though.

Roel is mostly correct… however, as far as I know, mobile does not use deferred rendering, it does use a forward rendering pipeline that tries to behave similar to the deferred pipeline.

The big thing here is that UE4 mobile tries to implement as much of the advanced rendering features as possible on mobile and by default the engine is configured with desktops/consoles in mind - so all these features are essentially turned on by default. In order to get good FPS on mobile, you basically have to turn off the rendering effects you don’t need. The other thing you might want to consider is using pre-computed visibility (which is off by default since it significantly increases build times).

I would suggest reading the following page in the documentation for more information:

Regarding Unity vs UE4. I won’t comment on this too much, what I will say is that you get a lot of flexibility regarding the rendering features you want in UE4 - and you can go anywhere from something simple that runs fast on almost any phone with ES2 support, to something highly advanced that will require the latest and greatest phones.

Sorry to post off-topic, but the fact the mobile device heats up does not speak bad of UE. Nothing wrong with using 100% of the GPU while 3D rendering something that’s aimed to look good. It’s just that smartphones are packed with faster hardware than they can handle, unfortunately. Not enough heat dissipation.