Poor FPS problem [oculus]

This has been going on for quite a while,I cant improve fps in my game,I have Nvidia Geforce 1050Ti.I have small scene with not too much going on,but fps is like 40,and when I put my headset on it drops to 25.Any suggestions about what to do?

How many dynamic/movable lights do you have in your scene? i found that this is the most demanding thing you can have ^^" and because of the drop while putting on the headset… is the window still in focus after putting it on?

do you play out of the editor or do you notice the low fps in a packaged project too? (again, made a huge difference in one project of mine)

I have 4 stationary point lights and spotlights,no moveble lights…packaged project has just a little bit more fps but it’s barely noticable

is your lighting build and have you switched to msaa and the forward renderer in the rendering options of your project? :slight_smile:

Every lighting is built,I have forward shading enabled(is that same as forward renderer?),and msaa looks really bad,I have temporalAA.

yeah, sorry, i always mix the shading and renderer part up^^
“how” bad does it look? its more yaggy in on the edges but it should look sharper too. temporalAA is way more demanding and could be your culprit. Can you check your performance with msaa? maybe you can optimize the overall quality from it if it works :slight_smile:

it’s strange,but performance actually got worse on msaa

how big is your project? could you upload it somewhere so i can have a look?

it’s 8.77 GB,I’ve some characters and staff in the project files,but I’m not using them,not yet.I can’t upload any of it,bacause it’s for private company,and also I noticed that I had global clip plane enabled,even though I don’t use any reflections in the scene,so that should give me a little boost at least I think.

I forgot that existed :smiley: gpu profiler shows more than half of framerate is thaken by BasePass,what is that

ok, no problem… most of my projects are the same… ^^
have you tried the gpu profiler?

Issue a ProfileGPU command from the console, it will give you more details about drawcalls associated with each line and also one the lights.

I did and I made some changes based on that,it helped improve fps a little.Only problem is the EbasepassDrawListType,I don’t know what it stands for and on the page where epic games has listed different kinds of words,commands etc. and their meaning,this has no description.so I’m stuck.

Can you share the output of ProfileGPU? It may contain some useful indications about where to look for improvements. Plus you could run the Oculus debug tool and have a look at the performance overlay.

How do I see the dump of profilegpu?it’s not only visual it is saved in a file right?

In the log/console.

Is this supposed to be .ue4stats file?

Windows → Developer Tools → Output Log