POM + World Aligned Texture


Is it possible to use those together?
Since World Aligned Texture inputs a texture object and recieves a V3 as UV I can’t find a way to use the POM output along with it.

It is possible but some additional work is needed.

POM needs to be done 3 separate times for tri-planar. and the CameraVector transform needs to be replaced with a custom Swizzled vector for each of the 3 planes.

To do it, youd need to add a new input for the CameraVector and place 3 of these. You would use worldposition as the "UV"s input on the POM node. One would use worldpos.xy, another worldpos.yz, and finally the last would use worldpos.xy (the top down mapping).

World Aligned Texture already accepts Position input, but I think you’d need to modify it to accept a different position for each of the three sides.

I thought about trying this out but realized it would be quite expensive so I couldn’t prioritize it. The inverse is much easier however, projecting a world aligned texture onto POM in order to fix stretching on steep vertical edges. Check out the youtube of the recent POM twitch stream for more info on that technique.

Got it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate on this in more detail please? Perhaps provide that example you were talking about doing? I’m hoping 6 years on the performance costs would be less meaningful! Thanks