POM material blending help.

Hi, I’m trying to find an effective and easy way of blending multiple POM materials and I was hoping someone could provide me with some tips and tricks.

Right now I have two simple POM materials as material functions that I blend using material blending. However, this feels like a pretty un-optimized way of doing things as the POM function is called once for each material and then blended together at a higher level. Right?

Is there any way that I could blend or lerp the height texture of both materials before using the POM function? The height texture input of the POM function is a “texture object” and that won’t connect to a lerp node so there’s no way of masking between two height textures afaik.

I’d also like to be able to replace these textures (Heightmaps and Albedo/Normal) using an instance Material at the very end of the chain but I’m not sure that can be done?

What my POM materials look like:

What the layered material looks like:

There is a discussion about blending POM going on in this thread.