POM Decal Stitches experiment - Albedo displays differently in different shading models

Hello everyone,

I am building this Leather Chair with Stitches that are applied as Mesh Decal and that use POM to have some real depth. 3 images below (“PastResult”) show what I already archieved.

Below you can also see the two shading models I used. The DeferredDecal was used for the stitches (MeshDecal) and only those stitches use POM.

Next to everything worked great.

However, when I wanted to create a new improved version, I noticed that if you give…

  • DeferredDecal → Translucent → DBuffer Translucent Albedo, Normal, Roughness → Default Lit …
  • …the same Albedo input as a …
  • Surface -> Opaque -> Default Lit

…then there will be two different outputs that can vary so much that, depending on input, the difference can be clearly visible and distracting.

This shows the image “AlbedoProblemResult” (no stitches here, just the very same leather texture, AO and another multiplier). DifferentUVs/Tiling is not the problem here and I also archived worser results that made the blend really bad.

Below in the images you can also see the Albedo Inputs of the two Materials which show that they have the very same input. So usually when looking at the chair in Unlit mode I should see the very same colors for both materials, but it´s not the case.

BTW: When I remove the last multiplier in both materials, everything looks the same.

What am I doing wrong or is it an issue of unreal?

  • Textures are the same and settings also the same
  • I used the latest Unreal version (4.23)

If you need additional info or don´t understand something, please let me know.