POM Cost


I’m working on a little thingy here currently with tessellation like for the pebbles:

But for performance reasons I’m switching to POM instead.

My material consists of 4 layers and without tessellation or POM it’s about 230 instructions which is perfectly fine.
My issue is a single POM node linked to 1 Diffuse and 1 Normal map simply adds up about another 100 instructions to my material. Is this amount normal?

I also tried to limit the POM appearance distance to like even a 1 meter radius from player but the cost stays the same as if it was being rendered on the entire landscape.

Just felt like checking to see if this behavior is normal and or if there are anything to do to further optimize POM. I remember having +10 layers with POM in Cryengine without any issues so I think there are a few things that can be done in UE4 too.