Point to the right direction

Doing archviz amd have a small apartment. Woild like to do the whole camera panning animation you see with interiors. But dont know how to. I mananged to do the key frames and set cameras but dont know how to record. Any links to tutorials?

JEEEBUS! I cant figure it out! Someone said its easy… i can get the camera to movet with the keyframes and all. I just dont know how to tell the program to record the movement. Help… :confused:

This is the right direction. You can search for matinee, or sequencer. Dont forget to always look through epics documentation, and livestreams.
one page of docs can save you hours of time with tips and tricks. Also the same with epic livestreams. The complete livestream light tutorial.

Also. If your sequencer is good. Click window in the toolbar and go to sequence recorder.

Thxs! Ill look into those!

Nice… finally recorded footage! Thxs

There you go! Finally my first UE4 render animation!Big THANK YOU to this community! All your help paid off and after almost 3 months I finally got the concept of using this incredible engine for archviz. Constructive critism is always welcomed.