Point Light

The scenario is: I have a two face plane, and i need to light both sides. Plane contains UV and diffuse and normal textures. The material uses Surface TranslucencyVolume.

Picture 1: There is a plane in the middle and a point light on the right side in the editor.
Picture 2: How it looks like in a preview.
Picture 3: Shows that the left side of the plane is unlit.
Picture 4: Moving the point light to the left side of the plane.
Picture 5 and 6: Both sides are lit.

There is a moment when u drag the point light more to the left, it gives impression that both sides are equally lit.

I have tried to make two separate planes with same material, but the lighting is always incorrect. I even tried to do box, but that didnt work either.

Can you try with Two Sided checked on in the material attributes

The primary example in the pictures uses Two Sided setting in material attributes.

In your material, try to multiply your normal with a “TwoSidedSign”.

Apparently that worked so far. Very nice and thx. I return to this matter if further problems appears.