Point light ignore skeletal mesh?

Hi all,
I don’t want a certain point light source to lighting the skeletal mesh. The light channel is not working for me. There is no option such as lighting the skeletal mesh in the features of point light. Is there any way to do this?

Not sure what you mean by “the light channel is not working”, but lighting channels are the way to handle this in most circumstances.

Outside of lighting channels, your options are very limited. What are you using this for? Is this in a game, a cinematic, a render?

Are you using UE5?

light channel working on PC(not sure on consoles). I just don’t want the point lights I choose to lighting the character.
if i do it over channels, i will need to set the light channel of all meshes in the map to 2. Character to 3. Point light to 2 again. Is that right?
Also the point light will need to be stationary etc.
yes i use it for gaming

UE4. if there is a custom solution for this in unreal 5 i would gladly switch.

There isn’t, I mainly asked because Lumen in UE5 has no support for lighting channels so that would have explained why it wasn’t working for you.

I am not sure lighting channels work with stationary lights, and they almost certainly won’t work with static lights. Try movable would be my suggestion

I researched for days before posting here. I guess there is no solution. Thank you to everyone who replied.

Yeah, there are some weird things you can do that would technically work, but they’re really gimmicky. If you were doing a film (not a game), you’d have a lot more options.

Can you give some ideas for example? If you just write down the techniques, I’ll investigate.

If this were a film, you could use separate render passes and then composite them.

For a game… off the top of my head, you could use a lightblocker in the character blueprint (an invisible object that still casts shadows), then put the lights you want to light the character inside the light blocker. This is, again, super gimmicky, as the light blocker would need to be big enough to encompass the lights, but it would technically accomplish what you want.

Similarly, you could put a lightblocker around the lights, or use a wall like that to keep their rays from reaching a certain distance.

In either case, you could control it through code to only turn off and on when you need it.

Or you could try flat shading everything, or not using gi. Replicating some of the old styles of video game, like ps1/2 era stuff.

Finally, you could prerender your backgrounds. Literally have them be static images like old school PS1 games, and then have your character move through them. That way, only your character would respond to lighting, and the backgrounds wouldn’t respond at all.