Point and Click Adventure Toolkit

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to share my latest addition to the Marketplace and the Unreal Engine community… the Point and Click Adventure Toolkit!

A highly customisable Adventure Game framework with many easy to use systems, extensive features and supportive tooling which seamlessly comes together and empowers developers to build their own Adventure Games.

Download the Gameplay Demo


  • 100% Blueprint framework
  • Point and Click Styled Movement and Interactions
  • Actions System - Easily add and modify your own gameplay actions
  • Extensive Data-driven Dialogue system
  • Interactive Items and Inventory - Pickup, use, and combine items
  • Interactable Objects system
  • Door objects and cross-scene transitions
  • Scene Manager for Cutscenes and managing scene states
  • Gameplay and Dialogue Conditions
  • Advanced and Fixed Cameras
  • Extensive Save and Load system
  • Menus and UI for everything - Main Menu, Game Menu, Player Game UI, Inventory UI, Hints menu, Simple Game Preferences, and an in-game developer menu
  • Advanced Actions Cursor
  • Scene Hints framework
  • Supportive Tooling for many features
  • Supports both 2D and 3D Perspectives
  • Extensive Gameplay Demo and Content Examples Included!

Technical Information:

Total File Count: 158 (Excl. Demo), 497 (Inc. Demo)
Number of Blueprints: 109
Number of Widgets: 35
Input: Mouse and Touch
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: PC
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mac, IOS, Android
Supported Engine Versions: 4.21 - 4.22

Support and Feedback

Support thread: Reply in this thread!
Support Email: [EMAIL=“aaronscott.marketplace@gmail.com”]aaronscott.marketplace@gmail.com

For any feedback and feature requests, please reach out to the support email above!

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Very good asset i would buy it but can i make an android game with it?

Hey Abbas_Moh24!

The toolkit will work on mobile platforms, and the only limitations will be on engine/devices you are developing for.

This has been tested on IOS using unreals cross-platform touch inputs out of the box, but definitely let me know If you do run into any issues!

Very good asset <

Tnx for replay but is there any idea for discord server or somthing?

I’m brand new to UE4. How hard is it to mix this template with a FPS template?

There is no discord server at the moment but there will likely be one in the near future. For any support in the meantime you can reach out here or via email to the support address mentioned in the above post. Hope this helps!

Hey Hollivals!

I havnt done this myself, but mixing the projects should be possible. The main area that would need to be tweaked would be replacing/tweaking the existing player character to support your new FPS character, and changing any of the controller inputs to work with your new inputs mode/perspective. Feel free to reach out to the support email if you have any issues!

Hi. I like the simplicity of your template and would be more fun if it had more puzzles. Let me suggest some:

For wild ideas see Top 10 Mind Bending Modern Puzzle Gameshttps://youtube.com/watch?v=zch_c_Wgtn4
Lego City Undercover - Pipe Puzzle Solutionhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=fOxL2UbSlMc
Simon - The Memory Retention Game : with different sound for each button
The maze mini puzzle in the The witnesshttps://youtube.com/watch?v=Brd0F7rlXCI
Onimusha: Warlords - Number Puzzles

Resident Evil 4: Slide Puzzle](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKkO-6NhOWQ)https://youtube.com/watch?v=9qPZt_q1Wr0
Top 10 Puzzle Gameshttps://youtube.com/watch?v=Xa8idcc6RuE
To name a few.

Your template would be more complete if it implement the theme in this game:
Spider-Man PS4: Martin Li’s Office Puzzle Solution Guidehttps://youtube.com/watch?v=okIXQXuJ7L8
Thanks for your efforts

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Thanks Jajo1399! you should also see my reply on the store page :slight_smile:

I appreciate you taking the time to pull together some links and share them, I am definitely looking for ways to improve the content and value of the framework.

Looking into the links, I can definitely say that they all look possible without any changes to the toolkit itself. There would definitely be some additions and logic for adding these the puzzles, so I would be interested in hearing from yourself or others if there are specific puzzle examples you would like to see.

The toolkit is focused around being a framework with a lot many systems under the hood all working together, so you can see a simplistic interface for using these without worry about the more complicated details. The game and puzzles are open for you to throw in your own designs and not just allowing you to reskin a game I provide, so this will all come into potential features that are added to the toolkit.

Some of these will likely fall outside of the toolkits features itself, but If you are looking for examples or a head start for some of these definitely reach out here or the support email and I would be definitely be happy to help!

Keep an eye out updates and you might see more examples incoming!

After a few requests, this will be a quick and simple tutorial for having the players character run to the destination or interactive object on double-click.

Tutorial: Adding “Run” On Double-Click!

  1. In the BP_PNCPlayerController, Add a new function called “SetCharacterMovementSpeed”
  2. Open this new function and add a new “Speed” input and set the default to “200” (This is the characters default movement speed)
  3. Add the following:
  4. Back in the Event graph, find the Perform Action input event.
  5. Connect the DetectClickMethod macro and insert “SetCharacterMovementSpeed” for both single click (default speed), and double click with a speed set to ‘400.0’ (or a speed of your own choosing)

And your all done… double click away!


Hello, I really love your asset framework but I not understanding the concept correctly. Iam kinda new to unreal and read your documentation. What Iam missing are user cases. Like simple Do this then that. I want to place a NPC with dialogue and after a certain point NPC gives me item. I have no clou how to do that. I cant even set up a dialogue with npc since I havent found you how. Maybe 2-3 short video tutorials would help users like me and maybe push sales too.

Thank you for the run tutorial!

Good news! This is done in the Gameplay demo which comes with the toolkit! If you take a look at the BP_Shopkeeper_NPC blueprint this will give you everything you need inside the “Talk To” and “OnReturnDIalogueOption” functions.

Quick breakdown…

You would want to create a Child BP from the NPC character you can find In the characters folder. This will allow you to add your own content unique to this character.

Inside this character, there will be a two overridable function would like to consider. “Talk to” will run when the user LMB over the character in the scene. Here is where you can call "Start Dialogue Sequence and pass In the dialogue you want to run. Also pass in the Instigating actor, this will be used in the dialogue to return back an event that you can use to add an item in the players inventory.

Inside of your dialogue, you will find a field which allows you to return string back to the instigating actor. This will be a unique string such as “BeginRubbishQuest” or “OnRubbishQuestComplete” which you can hook up to the “OnReturnedDialogueOption” function inside your character when this is called from your dialogue. You can have this on a specific line of dialogue OR you can put this on the last line of dialogue and it will be called when the dialogue sequence completes.

And in the dialogue this would look like this…

(Make sure the casing and spacing in the return option string is the SAME here and on the Switch on String node. This wont be called if they are different)

And you’re done!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


​ The Unreal Marketplace Flash Sale is here!

The Point and Click Adventure Toolkit is 50% off until May 27th.

Simply point and click your way over to the marketplace page to join the rest of the community building your own unique point and click adventure games and experiences using an extensive framework that has all the features and tools your need to hit the ground running.

Still unsure? Download the full Gameplay Demo and see it in action for yourself (psst… this full demo is also included with the toolkit, menus, save and load systems and all)

Looking to submit a feature request, provide feedback or asking for support? Right here -> aaronscott.marketplace@gmail.com

Enjoy Dev’ing, Community!

I like to see more puzzles in the kit so it will be more fun.
You don’t have to stick to the nature of the puzzle. Let the developer be able to skin it and add a spin to it.
for example the pipe puzzle in mincraft could be anything other than pipes. You create the pads drawing arrows
and adding a correct direction helper and attach a mesh so the developer (us) can use it as a starting point.

You could do many puzzles that way.

Another example is pick the part that fits.
The player is shown a model of a photo and provided with 3 options to pickup the correct fit to finish it.
If he picks the correct choice first he is awarded 3 points if not his second try worth 2 points and there is a time restriction and may effect the points

YOU should create puzzles in a modular style allowing us more control.

So i create new level, add a fixed camera and a child blueprint of 3d character player. How does one hook up clicks to move the character?

It looks like the path finding isnt working or fails when trying to find a path. Is there some initialization that has to be done?

This is really great… but I"m like the others here in that I’m looking inside the blueprints and kinda scratching my head. A simple tutorial showing how to implement the standard features would be gold. You could even do one at a time… just simple little 5 minutes “how to” videos or write-ups.

I agree this thing is exactly what I’ve been looking for so long and being just a beginner with UE4 lots of this stuff is rocket science to me… Could you please make a series of tutorials about this, how you example setup your demo from a start? I know it’s lot to ask but it would help quite few of us here and probably increase your sale numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there! I purchased your framework for Point and Click Adventure Toolkit the other night. So far I’m very impressed! I’ve been using UE4 for around a year, having taken a few classes with my university in the 3rd person blueprints.

As a somewhat fresh UE4 dabbler (I don’t yet quite consider myself to be a developer yet, although I’ve taken a few programming classes), using frameworks like this one, is easy, yet challenging at the same time. Since many of the features pre-built into the asset pack are included, finding the best start point can be a challenge.

Can you build a simple tutorial (can be a quick video using OBS or whatever) on the recommended starting procedures? Something that would guide a fresh user such as myself from creating the project, creating a first scene, adding some interaction items on a fresh level (whether a simple copy of the overview map or something else), and adding a transition map. This would not only get us going in the right direction with all the recommended practices, but help in learning UE4. I know this may not be as simple a task as it sounds, but it would help many people such as myself. Really looking forward to scratching the surface here! Thanks for all the hard work!