Point and Click Adventure Toolkit

Thanks guys, heard you loud and clear!

Unfortunately I have a number of technical issues with recordings + UE4 so it will be difficult to provide in video format without loads of video editing, but I definitely want to make this easier where I can and get this to you as quickly as possible.

The documentation should provide all the necessary tutorials for getting started with creating new scenes, interactable objects, dialogue and basic movement, so I would be interested to here where this is falling short (formatting maybe?) and we can take it from there. Let me know where this could be improved, which will help prioritise documentation/tutorial improvements and hopefully leave some time for features/improvements in upcoming releases :slight_smile:

And as usual, the support email is also always open (usually <48 hour response time) if there are any specific questions or blockers!


Hi, still having trouble figuring out what I’m doing wrong. Here’s a quick video of what I’m looking at. Getting an error on my first scene (Tutorial - My First State String Cutscene)

Nevermind, I figured it out. It was a few things. Also, I had created a child blueprint of the game mode and was using that. Reverted back to default and g2g for now.

Just checked out the link… the error is coming from an IsLoadComplete (Found in BPML_Misc’) macro which waits with super short delays until all the necessary framework pieces are available (valid) before continuing, or times out after a couple of seconds if it never makes it through. This macro calls ‘IsFrameworkLoadComplete’ function (Found in ‘BPFL_GameFramework’) which checks for all these pieces. You will find a quick print helper inside this function that you can hook up to the execution to print what is and what is not available and may help track down the cause, like the game mode not being available.

You may also want to modify this if you create or change the structure so it doesn’t complain when there isn’t actually any issues.

Glad you were able to get things working!

Hey man, can you please show us how to add right click inspect in the inventory? I think that´s very handy, if the player takes up an item without inspecting before he misses information that are importent. or how to make a function which can be called from the the baseitem to display an additional widget on screen about the item.

Prototype6143, I appreciate you taking the time to explain the background processes, I’m interested in utilizing that print helper; I’ll look it up in the documentation; I’m loving the framework and very appreciative of your product!

I’m in the process of organising features for next update and having dialogue appear on right-click sounds like something that could definitely go on the list.(Could also be modified after this to display the text instead)

If you don’t want to wait, this could easily be added by adding a “InspectionDialogue” (Name variable type) to the ‘SItemList’ struct. This will allow you to setup something like this in the WBP_Item widgets ‘OnMouseButtonUp’ function to call dialogue or display a custom widget based on this dialogue row.

Great to hear! Let me know if I can do anything to make it even better.

What I’m really stumped on is the State Strings and Scene Manager. I’ve been spinning my wheels the last few days trying to figure out how it all comes into play and how to transition between scenes (levels). TheJust trying to get the basics down first. Here is a quick video of what I’m working on and the errors I get: - YouTube

I was unable to find in the documentation for door base of visual, the process of transitioning between scenes… Or even within the same scene… This is all I could gather from the ForestDemo (Point and Click Adventure Toolkit - Game Tags - Album on Imgur) Which for now I’d be fine with.

Hey logiudicev,

I’ve gone and added a bunch of information about doors and their properties/setup for transitioning between scenes, which will hopefully help. This should be on pages 34 -37 in the docs.

Quick version: Transitioning between scenes is managed by the doors themselves (So you wont need to change the scene manage for this). The Load Scene Name and Target Scene Door Tag are the main properties you want to play with. The Target Scene Door Tag will refer to the Gameplay Tag (On the Global Interaction Component) that is set on the door in the connecting scene. And
vice-versa for returning back to the other connecting scene.

You will need to add your own tags for the doors you would want to use, but the unreal gameplay tags docs will cover how to do this if you are unsure.

Also checked out the video and they should be some easy fixes…

**Character Walking downstairs **
The Outdoor Location widget (Diamond wireframe widgets) that appear when you have the door selected. So this should be moved and above the floor to be inside of the room your entering. The next thing that comes to mind would be to check when playing the game to see if the navigation (console ‘~’ + ‘Show Navigation’) is built and connected for that area in the scene. The character should try and find the closest point to the Outdoor location, so these are the two things I would look at to see why the movement is a little strange.

Let me know if you keep seeing this.

**Missing Item **

The item appears like its missing for the second scene’s active items list. You can add the same item data table as the previous scene to the *‘Active items Data Table’ *on the scene manager. This should fix the issue, but like above, let me know if this still occurs.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Aaron! This is perfect and makes total sense. I’m implementing now!


Thank you for the running tutorial!.



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Hi, thank you for creating this great toolkit. I have a question about dialogue duration.
As I understand, each dialogue text shows up on screen for a certain amount of seconds (default 2), then it proceeds to the next line. If I press the mouse button, it skips the currently shown text.
My questions is how can I create dialogue that can only be skipped manually only when I press the mouse (not when the duration given in visual settings has passed). I thought of entering a high number but it is not an ideal solution. Entering duration of 0 or -1 also did not work. It would be perfect if I can disable that completely.

What will be in Version 1.1?

When is 1.1 gonna be out? Can’t wait!

Im in the process of testing the new features for any edge cases, testing existing features, packaging, etc and if nothing major pops up, you should be seeing it within the next few weeks.

Current List of new features and improvements requested through the forums and support email:

Note: The following Update 1.1 features list may change before release (Pending any major issues)


  • Added keyboard support for character movement
  • Added the ability to hold LMB to update move to location (Mouse Input Mode)
  • Added Double Click LMB to run
  • Added non-automatic dialogue scrolling. Developers can now set Dialogue ‘Duration Override’ to -1 to wait for user input before continuing
  • Added Inventory Inspection support for Dialogue and/or custom User Widgets
  • Added optional dialogue on combined items
  • Added DT_GlobalActionsDialogue for universal dialogue responses that can be modified or added when actions cannot be performed.

Improvement/Bug Fixes:

  • Added additional warnings and suggestions when features fail to initialize due to incorrect setup
  • Fixed Inventory Max logic on inventory items was broken when not set to infinite. Items should now respect the max number of items set on the item data
  • General Code/Comment cleanup

Example Content and Documentation Updates:

  • Updated the example content with new feature examples
  • Added “Doors” description and how to setup same-scene and cross-scene transitions
  • General Documentation Improvements

Feel free to call out anything that may have been missed and I can take a look and see if it can be fit in without delay the release.

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for this great toolkit ! it covers almost all my needs in making my project. (Btw, I loved the demo it is very fun to play and shows the whole features you can do with it ;))

I’m very new in ue4 and I’m struggling with something : I wanted to add a new action which leads to a new animation but I couldn’t figure out how. The example I’m trying to do is “sitting the main character in a chair and standing up when you click away from it”. To do this I’ve followed your (great ! really !) documentation to add the teleport function but it’s quite different tough. So to complete that I’ve :

  • made a child process of BP_InteractableObjectBase, added two functions (Use and Inspection as it is written in the documentation) and tried to modify the Use function to play the sitting animation (maybe it’s not the right thing to do),
  • modified ABP_Mannequin to add a Sit state with transitions (I’m not sure how to use them),
  • modified the Play_animation interface in the BP_PNCCharacter_Parent to play the sitting animation, modified On Action Perform and On Action Failed (and I’m not sure what to do here too XD)
    Well I’m bit stuck here… I don’t know what to do next (or what did I do wrong). Can you please help me ?
    Thanks very much !

Hey, i already wrote an email to you aaron but im trying my luck in this thread too.

I tried to make an actor recieve an item from my inventory, i used the campfire as an reference for my actor. Sadly im getting a crash everytime im trying to place my inventory item at the to recieving actor. Maybe someone can help me, im so lost :<

*Edit: Noticed i asked the To recieving actor if it has the item i want to give him, but changing it tp “pnc controller > inventory> has item in inventory” doesnt fix it

*Edit: Got it working now, the blueprint i made changes in didnt update the one i placed in my scene, everything is cool now

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