png texture broken on Iphone4

what I expected:

But on my Iphone4, I got:


My sample project:
[link text][3]

Hi Neckshot,

In order for your textures to work correctly you’ll want to make sure that they’re imported as a Power of Two texture. This is required to work on IOS.

You can find more information about texture creation for Texture Guidelines for Mobile Game Development. This stipulation is covered in the first section.

Thank you!


Hi, Tim, thanks for your reply.

I resize my source image to Power of Two, the texture can be seen now.

But the image quality is a bit low, and the flipbook made a blur effect on first second(seems like texture was in loading phase). This effect is ugly, can it be fixed?

Another question, I got a red alert on screen: TEXTURE STREAMING POOL OVER 430299.88 MB, why it is so big? Can this be fixed too?

Are you using the padding option in UE4 to get the Power of Two image size or have you just reimported the image after resizing it?

Since I did not have a source asset for your snow screen texture, I simply exported this as a TGA file and resized in Photoshop and then reimported. That image was fairly close to a square size anyhow, so upping its size to 2048x2048 didn’t really change all that much.

Woudl you be able to post the original source asset or detail the steps you used to change it in the engine. I’ve still got your original test project and didn’t change any original assets so I can test and see what’s happened.

As for the texture streaming, I’m not exactly sure on this one just yet especially seeing it’s saying you’re streaming ~430 gigabytes of images. I’ll have to look into that one a little bit more. Was this happening in the editor only or was this being said on the Device? I can presume the device, but Just want to make sure.

Here is the resized asset that I used to reimport and apply to the snow screen material: Texture

Thank you!

Hi, Tim,

I used the padding option in UE4 in my first project, but it has no effect. So after your advice, I resized the textures and reimported them into UE4, then the textures can be seen.

The screen shot above is on my IPhone4. I have tested a mac export, I can’t see any red alert, but I can see the loading lag of the snow_screen with my naked eyes, although it is only about 0.1s, not so long against my IPhone4(it is about 1s). This lag effect is not endurable through my customer’s eyes, so I hope it can be fixed.

My project is over 5M if I put source img in it. If what further info I can provied, please comment to me

Would you be able to upload the sample project with your latest fixed texture that causes the lag. I will test this on a IPhone4 and see if I can see the same issue.