PNG. images show blurry for 3 sec. before turning clear.

I’m using 4.15 and recently convert 4.21.2. I notice that now the same PNG. images are actually loading blurry and stay like that for 2 -3 second before turn clear. What would causing the slow loading time. These happens when I package game for android. If some one can shed some light on these I would appreciate it. Thank you!!!

My guess is, the engine has not loaded all assets in their correct LOD / Mip directly. It is however faster to load the least detailed Mip of a texture, since it is far smaller in size. Therefore, rather than displaying nothing (because the texture has not been loaded yet), it loads the Mip with little detail fast, and after that loads the Mip with highest/appropriate detail, thus the short delay.

It should not matter, what type of image you use, btw.

Thank. I don’t know why these was not automatically fixed in the latest and grates when on the other hand 4.15 has not such problems. That’s the reason I’m still using 4.15 because anything that comes after I always run in to something new and disturbing. While you where answering my question I already switch back to my mama 4.15 version. It’s really not save to wander out side 4.15 anymore. The bugs are everywhere.

If I am correct with my assumption, I doubt they’ll ever “fix” this, because it is intended behaviour. Not that you wait, obviously, but that the engine loads the least detailed version first in order to display something fast and then load the correct version asap.

Do you mean Texture Streaming?

I might misunderstand you, but if you do, you can turn in off in the texture’s detail panel: Never Stream
You can also just disable MipMaps.

Yes thanks for that guys. I think Newer Stream I been looking at before. So I will try new project again with these option. I mean I will just copy Content and config files over to 4.21. The reason I’m switching to 4.21 is because the AD mob DNA plug in guys said that 4.15 has really old SDK so for that reason I’m out because Lately I notice almost 100% drop in my installs. Also I’m getting problems with Google + going out of business and some of my apps depend on it. So I just disable Google Play services API for now and see if that is going to change anything. For all I know my Leaderboards that’s in every one of my games will not work. Any ways guys I’m so off topic here that Epic police will show up soon. Anyways. look I got to go. I’m running out of time. There’s a lot of things If I could: … I would re arrange.

But it’s extra thing for us to fix.That wasn’t a problem and still is not for 4.15. I’m Happy Users are happy but now it’s like. I’m like What tha… and the user is like …These!!! So I don’t know how is these any good for anybody but in the middle of writing these I just realize my complaining is completely useless. I guess I just see the world in a different way. I’m realizing that the higher the mountain the more we like to climb up on it and by the time we get on top we realize that with old age we are so close to heaven. So on the end it all works out.