PN Triangle Tessellation dont work on static mesh

Hey guys, I’m relatively new to using unreal and have been working with displacement recently. I have a flat plane I imported that I have applied a texture to and have used tessellation to create height displacement. Now I tried using flat tessellation and while that works it doesn’t give me quite the accuracy in my displacement I need. I have read that PN triangles are better quality even though they are heavier but when I apply the material to my mesh or to any static mesh at all nothing happens. The mesh is shown to be applied on right in the materials menu but doesn’t appear on the mesh. I have both crack free displacement and adaptive tessellation on however turning them off or only having one or the either doesn’t affect anything. The material works with flat tessellation and even appears in the preview while PN triangles is turned on but simply doesn’t work at all when I switch to PN Triangles? Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Gotta enable adjacency buffer generation for mesh.

Wow I have to learn so much still I couldn’t for the life of me find out what was wrong :frowning: much appreciated!