Plz HELP me with ReCastNavMesh bug

for few days I struggling with this bug :

anyone can help me to solve this issue ?!

I try changing AgentRadios but when I change this NavMesh stops working its build but pathfinding failing, and when I reset Ue4 Editor values in ReCastNaveMesh get reset to default and NavMesh Rebuild again.

I thought creating RecastNavMesh from C++ solve the problem and I create a class inherit from ARecastNavMesh but I don’t know how to use it.

Plz Help , Thanks.

any info may usefull.

What happens when you remove navmesh and recast navmesh, change all the settings of the recast navmesh in project settings, and then place a new navmesh bounds volume into the scene?

I did the same thing but Recast gets every value from ProjectSetting except AgetRadius.

And really thanks for the reply.

Go to Project Settings/Navigation System/ Agents Create new Agents fix my problem.