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GSheets Operator or “GSO” is an enterprise-level plugin that will allow you to interface with the Google Sheets API via REST the same way you would send cURL commands but wrapped in a simple Blueprint or C++ interop.

Create new sheets, rename existing ones, query specific cell contents, format cells, download and upload entire sheets to public or private spreadsheets. Convert between CSV and JSON and back again. Write with a light touch to specific cells or ranges. Duplicate sheets you need more of or delete sheets you no longer need.

Display your spreadsheet to your players and end users with an easy-to-use spreadsheet widget. Build and edit your own spreadsheets in-game and put them on Google Sheets.

All of this and more is possible with GSheets Operator.


API Reference

Sample Project Direct Link

Price: $100

Now Live!

Now Live!

I have a question about setting up a C++ project.

After adding “GoogleSheetsOperator” to build.cs, in which file should #include “GoogleSheetsOperator.h” be written? ?

Also, FString OutID;

const bool bSheetIdFound = UGoogleSheetsOperator::GetSheetIdFromUrl(SheetUrl, OutID);

I don’t know where to write either.

Hello saito_y,

where to place this depends on how your project is set up. You can put these in pretty much any class you want to, preferably in a cpp file rather than a header. How much C++ experience do you have? I ask so that I know where to begin explaining.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m not very familiar with C++, so it would be helpful if you could tell me in detail if possible.

Sure! Before we do that, is it possible for you to do this using Blueprints instead? That will save you a lot of time and difficulty.

I’m sorry, but I can’t make it a Blueprint project because I’ve added some other plugins and features in C++.
When I added these, I looked at their documentation and added them, so I have some knowledge, but not a complete understanding.

For example, could you show us a new blank C++ project with them added?

Many projects have both C++ and Blueprint scripts. Creating one doesn’t prevent you from creating the other. But sure, we can go through the C++ flow. What is your goal with the plugin? I can create a script for you that does that singular thing and you can build off the rest of it.

The goal is to package this project for iOS and Android and edit the spreadsheet from the device app.

This edit is used internally to list specific information within the game.
So the player doesn’t know you are editing the spreadsheet.
I use it to manage my information.

Once, I was able to package it with the plug-in, but I can’t edit it from the terminal, so I’m wondering if the C++ addition method is wrong.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to do it.

New update pushed!

10-16-2022 (, Fix crash in iOS calling “sign” in jwt twice in one instance by reserving string memory ahead of append; added Linux support; updated to latest jwt-cpp

New update pushed!

11-19-2022 (,, WriteValuesToSheet parameters have been changed to better suit C++ developers. C++ users should update their code, while BP users won’t have to change anything.
11-19-2022 (,, FGoogleSheetsOperatorCallbackInfo now includes the error code returned from Google.

How about after that?
I’m still having trouble solving it.

Could you make some sort of tutorial dedicated to adding in C++? ?

There is one!