Plugins in the Ue4, Git Hub Version?


Try this Wiki article… It has stuff you already know, but some stuff about plugins should help quite a bit…


helpful if I put a link in:

Hey, i have an Question, i Got the Ue4, 4.15.3 From the Github, i Changed the Source Code, Some Rendering Features, etc.

All Works Fine Standalone, but how i can Plugins to Work with the Source Engine?

I already got something from Answerhub Links, but Nothing Worked

Like “ADV Kit” Plugin

Hope Someone can Help me


Hey, Thanks for your Answer!, i already, do it Like this… but it didnt Worked.

but Thanks !

You can always go back to the per-project plugin… not as convenient as having the plugin available on any new project you make, but that should work…

Nope, i cant Build the DLL, everytime i get an Error on the Source Engine Only.

Sorry I wasn’t more helpful… I’ve got nothing more. I’ve had no issues with either adding plugins to source or per project.