[Plugin] WindowsTextureMovie Plugin

Quick update on the new Media Framework: It didn’t make it in yet, sorry :confused:

There were still some design issues with the API, and audio doesn’t work properly yet, so we decided last minute not to push for 4.3. This week is crazy busy for me (preparing for MiniDevCon next week and GDC Europe in August, plus some business travel), but I will try to get a preview version of the code checked in this Thursday or Friday, so you can start playing around with it. This preview version will only support Windows (that is the only platform I had time for so far), but all other desktop and mobile platforms will follow eventually.

The media framework will support both in-Engine and Slate playback, and it will work with Blueprints. We are also planning to implement better integration with Sequencer as part of our work on UMG (movie directors rejoice!). Streaming media over the internet should work as well, but I haven’t tested it yet. The legacy startup movie implementation has not been converted yet, so both systems will live in parallel until the end of August. Sorry again for the delay - I know a lot of people are waiting for this feature. We just want to make sure that this new system is as good as it can be, so we don’t end up with two broken movie systems instead of one great one. Especially the API needs to be rock solid, because it will be more difficult to change once it goes public.

If any of you are attending the MiniDevCon in LA or Seattle next week, please come see me, and we can talk about more details with regard to media playback. Thanks!

Great Work Gerke!

Thanks for the update!

Have fun on your travels!



Exciting to see that the movie texture plugin is coming along! Will there be a way for this plugin to support using stereoscopic footage as a texture? I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible insert my stereo footage into an environment built in UE4.

Hi, all
i have compiled working plugin for UE 4.2, but i when compiled UE 4.3 i have any errors.

Please anybody compile this plugin for UE 4.3 and share it.

Thank you very mcuh

please help me with matinee and movie texture, i need play video texture on strt matinee animation, can you to do? please help me

The first version of the new Media framework is now checked in. It should be considered experimental - I didn’t have time to polish it, and I’ll be travelling the next two weeks, so use it at your own risk!

The UCodecMovie API has been removed, which means that the OP’s plug-in will no longer work if you sync to Master. However, the new framework has a Windows plug-in, so it will be a full replacement for that.

Quick instructions:

  • There’s a small test movie in /Engine/Plugins/Media/WmfMedia/Testing/TestMovie.wmv
  • Simply drag and drop it into the Content Browser to create a MediaAsset
  • Right-click the MediaAsset and select “Create Media Texture” to create a MediaTexture object
  • Double-click MediaTexture and set VideoTrack to a valid video track (currently not set automatically)
  • Drag and drop the MediaTexture onto a mesh in your level

Playback can be controlled in the MediaAsset Editor (double-click on MediaAsset) and through Blueprints.
This is all fairly untested, so there may be a bunch of problems. Audio in particular is in the very early stages.

If you’re curious, the code is in the following modules:

  • Media (the platform and Engine agnostic media playback API)
  • MediaAssets (media asset types for the Engine, Blueprint integration)
  • MediaAssetEditor (Editor support plug-in, factories, etc.)
  • WmfMedia (Windows Media Foundation based player plug-in for Windows)

I will polish this up in the second half of this month. Official release of v1.0 is scheduled for 4.5 right now.

Thanks for your patience!

Now call me retarded; but I can’t seem to find this in the current release of UE4. Do I have to do something unique to access it?

As an aside; I’ve tried compiling the (now useless) plugin many times - as a total newb to C++ this has been quite the learning experience. If anyone were able to at least tell me what kind of files I were to expect in my binaries folder, it would be much appreciated (purely from a curiosity standpoint - I am getting the plugin appear in-engine, but when activating it it is throwing up errors saying that the plugin is missing, I do not doubt that is because I didn’t compile properly).

Hey Page2, the code is in the GitHub Master branch from which you will have to build. It is not included in the main release yet. The next release will contain the changes though.

I can’t wait see all your awesome work on this Gerke!



Like I said, it still needs a lot of polish, and only Windows is supported right now. I’ll do more work on it during the second half of this month, but if you get chance, please check out the stuff that’s already there. Can’t hurt to get a second (or third) pair of eyes on it :slight_smile:

Very very excited to see such great progress being made on this! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to release with 4.5. :slight_smile:

Fantastic work, looking forward to the official release for this!

I’m also looking forward to this. I work in the Museum & Theme park sector. Video texture playback is extremely common for us. It’s the one feature currently holding me to Unity.

I wanted to point out the excellent features of this plugin. I use this daily.

The two most valuable features for me are the hiRez playback and dynamically loading content at runtime. Please consider these in future releases.


Hi,Ehamloptiran,this plugin so cool. could you please release a new version support UE4.3 ?

Ehamloptiran You is my only salvation, please upgrade to the new versions of the unreal engine, to use in your wonderful video texture plugin?
I’m almost canceling my bill because of that, because I use a lot of materials with videos and projectors with videos too! Please!

We’re using this plugin for our deliverable this month so I updated it to run in 4.4. Also there was a problem with it running in standalone, so I fixed that as well. I’d like to give my changes back to the UE4 community. What’s the best way to go about doing that?

WOW, Mustard867 But already desponivel, or you will desponibiliza it out … and whenever a new version of the engine has to be updated the plugin again ???
If the answer to above is yes, why not integrate as tool engine already built?

Sounds like the plugin will be unusable come 4.5. :stuck_out_tongue: But I needed it for this month so I got it working. We’ll wind up using whatever Epic provides when 4.5 comes out.

I can’t seem to attach zip files, so I’m going to get in touch with the plugin author to see if he wants to update his github and I’ll just email it to him.

Hi Mustard867, I have received your updates and I will test them and integrate into my github asap, so everyone else who is still using the plugin can benefit.

Any update on this yet?