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WindowsTextureMovie v0.0.1

Heres a new for the windows guys. Allows you to play AVI and WMV movies on textures. This is only for Windows as it uses the media foundation to load and play the video. It bridges off existing code in the engine (UTextureMovie, UCodecMovie, etc.). I added a factory to allow importing of AVI and WMV file formats and codecs and a video player for the rendering of the movie. MP4 support had been temporarily disabled due to some missing attribute.

Heres a video of it in action (The movie is some random NVidia movie showing off SSAO): WindowsTextureMovie example

Link to : WindowsTextureMovie v0.0.1

Can be found under /Engine/Plugins/Runtime/WindowsTextureMovie

You will have to build the yourself for the time being. This is considered an alpha release, so there may be some issues (I did not experience any myself).

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Thanks four your works! :slight_smile: I think it will be cool to have same functions of texture movie with something cross-platform too.

It will be much more useful if you’ll make separate repository for you plugins, without UE.

Thanks . Thanks for your works too. A cross platform solution will come as well as more formats

Yeah I will do that. I’m completely hopeless with . I managed to completely destroy my private fork today. So will try again tomorrow

Thank you for sharing !


@: Kudos for doing this - nice work!

Thanks for the comments.

As per 's advise. I have moved the code to a new repository, it can now be located at https://.com//TextureMoviePlugin. All future updates will be to here.

This is great!

Can someone direct me to a decent wiki, tutorial, forum post, etc that will walk me through compiling the UE4 source to get this working.

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There’s a pretty neat tutorial directly on the page. It should get you from downloading to compiling without any issue if you follow the steps there. Are you on Win/VS?

Does it work with 4.1.1? and how to do it without altering other plugins tied to source.

Yes it works with 4.1.1. The easiest way is to create your own project. Create a plugins directory and compile it that way. ie.


  • UnrealEngine/Projects/MyProject/Plugins
    • UnrealEngine/Projects/MyProject/Plugins/WindowsTextureMovie

Please update your plugins to make them work with 4.2 preview build and the upcoming 4.2. Putting plugins in 4.2 preview build makes viewport all black.

Please see this post: Project: - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums

This is great work, much appreciated!

Have you had any issues trying to package a build that uses the ? I am compiling this as a Game , but haven’t had luck getting it to be included in the package.


Just add it to the PublicDependencyModuleNames and it should be packed.

please forgive my n00bness, but if i just copy only the folder into the /Engine/Plugins/Runtime that doesn’t work…what do i need to do next? Do i need the source of UE4 to be able to compile it or is there something i’ve missed.

Yes you will need the source code and compile it yourself. I am not providing pre built binaries at this time.

I had done that, but it was failing to compile because it couldn’t find the base class for the TextureFactory. I am attempting to build and package the Development configuration just to test, and the WITH_EDITOR define that guards against including TextureFactory is enabled for both DevelopmentEditor and Development. I’m sure there’s a better way around it, but I ended up just commenting out the include of TextureMovieFactory.h in WindowsTextureMoviePrivatePCH.h to build Development. It just feels like I have something misconfigured.

Thanks for pointing that out, i wasn’t sure if it would actually work the way I did it. I haven’t tried building outside the editor as of yet. I will do some investigations at my end and see if I can come up with a decent solution.

cool. no problem, i’ll give that a go.

i get instant crash no matter what movie I choose. I’ve tried a few codecs for avi and wmv…any particulars that you know to work. Once I choose import file from the content browser and pick my movie it causes a crash.