Plugin to show whether a variable is replicated in "My blueprint" window

Would it be possible to create a plugin for UE4 which would give some indication to see whether a variable is replicated in the “My blueprint” window?

I’ve tried looking at the source code but I can’t even find the slate code where the variables are constructed. And if found, I also wouldn’t know where you would be able to hook in the plugin to change the construction.


I know this doesn’t answer your question, but there are two simple workarounds:

  1. Use “Show Replicated Variables Only”.
  2. Put all your replicated variables in a category called “Replicated”.


For your specific question, there’s already an icon for replication: image, so all you need to do is put that beside the “instance editable” indicator. This may help you: Details Panel Customization | Unreal Engine Documentation.


Thanks for your reply!

Workaround 1, I already knew but definitely helps a bit.
Workaround 2 solves most of the problem, thanks!

Also, thank you for putting me in the right direction to create such a plugin!

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