Plugin Suggestions? Professional willing to create

Hello I’m a professional C++ coder I’ve created my video game Liberation Team approved for PS4 data using 98 percent C++ probably 99% only relaying on U.I for Blueprint Basically. Throw some suggestions on what you’d like to see. And I’ll choose which one I like and create it.

My work in Progrees-


A Plug-in to save & load data to Excel-Word / LibreOffice files.
So save data from and load to Data-Tables and Structs (both).
Better if it works at Run-time and in-Editor at design time (both).

Any interest @krisgoku2_Dev ??? :slight_smile:

I never used excel word but it sounds like a simple task. As far as gaming is it suppose to be like a database? I’m thinking of something everyone may want to use. A Advanced database doesn’t sound bad… But then theirs advanced things people don’t know about to have it working so it’s kinda like for professionals… I need something user friendly.

Exactly! Excel would be especially useful (poor man’s database that’s perfect for prototyping & simpler games). Devs could then use XLS / XLSX files for loading / saving characters & weapons specs right up to game saves (checkpoint progression systems). There’s probably FOSS libraries on Github for helping with file formats. For example Linux LibreOffice / OpenOffice are able to read / write Excel files easily…

I think that’s a very good idea. It’s it’ll be easy for me to do. But I think it only applies to professionals. Because their will be the learning curve for beginners I would like to create something user friendly and that everyone could enjoy.

No worries… The actual idea is to keep the Plugin non-technical anyway, so all end-users can read / write to Excel without knowing anything about Office file formats / internals (so ease of use similar to loading-from / saving-to CSV / TXT)…

The only thing I would love to see is a decent way to handle bitmap fonts. The way fonts are currently handled has limitations and the only good way I can find is in C++ because blueprints aren’t able to handle it as cleanly from what I can see. Basically a way to translate custom glyphs on an image to actual characters that can be displayed or typed into entry fields.

You know what that sounds like a fun and good idea. Actually this will be a plugin on my list which I’ll do. For now I’m barely making it with my P.C It’ll take around a hour for each compile. When I get a really good computer I’ll actually do this one.:smiley:

It would definitely be useful. I am not the only one looking for this type of plugin either. Many other guys I seen were complaining about issues with bitmap fonts in the engine.