Plugin spawn editor SDockTab right after editor is loaded

Hello everyone,

I have a editor plugin here which has its own UI in a dockable editor tab. I use this to spawn it:

TSharedRef<class FGlobalTabmanager> tm = FGlobalTabmanager::Get();
tm->RegisterNomadTabSpawner(s_plugin_tab_name, FOnSpawnTab::CreateRaw(this, &MyController::spawn_tab))
		.SetDisplayName(FText::FromString(TEXT("My Wizard")));

The invoke can the be triggered by editor menu item.

This is registered in the module’s StartupModule() function and works fine. However, when I close the tab or clone the project to one without the tab open it will be closed when the editor is restarted. I guess this is intended behavior.

And I would like to override this so the tab is always either already present from last run or spawned new when the editor opens. Anyone has a hint as to how this could be achieved?

I have tried manually calling the invoker in the StartupModule() function which does spawn the tab but with messed up UI and behind the editor. I suppose that is because during this time the editor is not loaded yet.

So I guess a solution would be to call the invoker after the editor loads, which I don’t know how to do or somehow place an .ini which does the trick.

Would be great if someone has a hint…