[Plugin] Possibility to modify the FBX import with a plugin?

we already modified the engine for one inhouse problem to get a custom FBX material import. Now we thought about the possibility to get this modification with a plugin to avoid using a custom compiled version of the UE on all computers of our studio.

Currently we modify the FBXMaterialImport.cpp, the FBXStaticMeshImport.cpp, the FBXSkeletalMeshImport.cpp and the FBXImporter.h. That’s mainly just because we added a modified version of the:

CreateUnrealMaterial()-function for our custom import
and a boolean-value to check if the modification should be used or not

We only tried plugincreation a bit today. But there are only a few examples and we are not sure whether it’s even possible to create such a plugin. So, before wasting a lot of hours we wanted to ask you.

So, do you know whether it is possible to create a plugin which really only replaces the functionality of the CreateUnrealMaterial() without affecting or copying any other line of code from other methods. This would be perfect. So we could just update the plugin time by time.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No ideas about the plugin development or was my question too complicated? :slight_smile:

Hi, I know this is pretty old now, but… did you get this to work? I am looking into writing a custom fbx importer so I can use custom attributes from maya

Still not much info about this on the web or here. This is a very important topic for a lot of teams, it would be nice to get some action on this question :frowning:

Is there any other way to load 3D Model file in Game while it is running.I am loading 3d model using Runtime Mesh Component but it is slow down my fps.

Agreed! I’m researching this area myself currently and would love to know more.