Plugin is not being compiled.


I’m trying to create a simple plugin. I started from the blank plugin in UnrealEngine. Rewrote with a different name the files and uplugin (added support to 4.3.1 which is the version I’m using), generated the project files.

The plugin is correctly added to the project. I did a Rebuild All (DebugGame Editor) but when I run, it says "Project modules are missing or out of date. Would you like to recompile them?. I hit yes and then shortly after I get a “Game code couldn’t be compiled…” I don’t know how to check the compilation error and I’m stucked at this.

I’m clearly missing something really stupid…
Any help?

Well, I managed to get it to work. It seems BlankPlugin was never meant to be used as it is. You need to create at least a class derived from IModuleInterface that implements (may be empty) StartupModule and ShutdownModule and call IMPLEMENT_MODULE(FooPlugin, Module) in the .cpp

I followed the Stand Alone Plugin section of:

I attached a a plugin ready to be used. Just drop it in your plugins folder, rename the files that whatever you want and regenerate the project files (right-click .uproject and click o generae project files)

You should be ready to go.

build plugin

I know this is resolved, but I just need to check: Did you use the BlankPlugin from your Unreal Engine installation? Because that’s a binary-only version. The version you are meant to use (though nobody says this) is the one from the engine source up on github.