[Plugin] Http/s REST, blueprintable JSON and Parse REST API manager at once (VaRest)

Hello everyone.

I am a student in Game Design and programming. We need to create a UE4 project in combination with our own API. I’m stuck with the implementation of VaRest in UE4 and I would like to ask you a question in regards of my configuration.

But first, here is a screenshot of Postman:

When the login is successful, the api sends some strings, including a bearer token.

Here is how my nodes are looking like in Unreal:

When I check the Api, after UE4 sent the GET as seen above, the header is always undefined. Is using the “set header” node the right solution? Or has it anything to do because I’m not using HTTPS?

PS: I’ve got the login working in UE4 (that’s how I got the “token” from).

Thanks in advance for your help


I reply to my own message in case someone else get stuck like me.

The solution was avoiding the « call URL » node because it’s supposedly broken. It’s been recommended to use « apply URL » or « process URL » instead. I tried this and it works as intended.


(Resolved!)Hi, I am using varest to perform a save function. I am using Unreal 4.23 and varest r26. I encode the JSON file by varest with an array of the JSON objects.
I encode the JSON in this way but I cannot retrieve the JSON and convert back and restore to unreal. Anyone can help me?

Hello everyone.
I am trying to get a grasp on this plugin recently.

I am getting this response from my php script
The first one is a username and the second one is the score.

How can I decode this JSON and use the values in Unreal.
Thanks in advance.

P.S: I am using UE 4.25.4

Hello all,
I would like some help on how would I use VaRest to get a float value from Unreal into a webserver? I have never used VaRest before and I am sort of new to Blueprints as well. Thank you in advance.

hi. im quite new to this plugin and how it fully functions, but i saw the VaRest Settings node. does anyone know how it works and what it does?

Hi xCANAdan,

We use it for making REST api calls to our login server, as well as interfacing to our analytics server.

hi guys, is there any documentation about how to update the DB data, for example, i would like to update the character coins everytime it finishes a match?