[Plugin] Http/s REST, blueprintable JSON and Parse REST API manager at once (VaRest)

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’ve just released the first public version of plugin that makes REST server communications pretty easier.

VaRest is the plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that makes REST server communications simple to use with full Json query support.

Key features:

  • Flexible Http/Https request management with support of different Verbs and Content Types
  • No C++ coding required, everything can be managed via blueprints
  • Blueprintable Json wrapper with almost full support of Json features: different types of values, arrays, both ways serializarion to FString, etc.
  • Blueprintable FJsonValue wrapper - full Json features made for blueprints!
  • Parse REST API manager to start working with Parse out of the box!

Current version: 1.1 R 9

Plugin is available under MIT open-source license, you can download it here. Source code is available on Github: GitHub - ufna/VaRest: REST API plugin for Unreal Engine 4 - we love restfull backend and JSON communications! .

Check the Wiki for plugin usage examples and installation notes.

I’ll be thankfull for plugin testing, feedback and new ideas how to improve the plugin! :slight_smile:


That’s my initials :slight_smile: I think it’s a good idea to use naming convention for plugins code like this - my classes pretty sure won’t conflict with any other class names even if you’re using tons of plugins in your project.


is it possible to parse arrays of objects ?
my current json responce looks like this:


Currently nested arrays are not supported, I’ve just missed that they could be. F.e. you can have string array, numeric array, bool array, but not “mixed”.

I’ll take a look now.

Hi Ufna, sorry to be a total Rest newb. I’ve got a local python rest server running at When I point my browser to it I can at least see that some request was being made, which is good to see. Unfortunately, I can’t see how to add the port number to your Process URL node and access it that way. Is there a way to do this or do I have to host the server online somehow?



Actually, I think i’m going to go with my original plan using a UDP socket to control UE4. If anyone’s working on one of these which can be exposed to blueprints do let me know.

Just use as a link - port number is the part of URL.

New release! :slight_smile:

Current version: 1.0-b4 , available here.

I’ve added full support for nested and non-uniform Json arrays.


This is really good! I can’t wait to give it a shot later this week.

Thanks ufna it works :wink:

This might apply nicely to my current project. Thanks so much for the great work - your community contributions have been nothing short of astounding so far!


Great! I’m so enthusiastic that you like it! :slight_smile:

Version 1.0 RC 5](Release VaRest 1.0-rc5 · ufna/VaRest · GitHub) (15 July 2014) released!

It’s a minor update that contains fixes of game packaging process for plugin.

Thanks, ufna, for your awesome plugin :slight_smile: Because of this plugin I have been able to use UE4 at the hackathon I am currently at! They always want people to use vendor API’s for something creative, but I wasn’t sure if I could leverage UE4 if I was going to have to do it all in C++. Thanks to VaRest I was able to work with some of the REST API’s and patch something together. It’s not likely to win any awards, but that shouldn’t really be the point of a hackathon anyway. It should be about learning how to do something new and different, which I have certainly done tonight.

So I did win the award for creating the most entertaining app :wink: And I learned a ton about UE4 in the process. Thanks again for the awesome plugin. I will put the app up somewhere for people to see as one example for using VaRest.

Congratulations! :slight_smile: I’m happy that my plugin is helpful for you!

Is the plugin compatible with current 4.3.1?
The construct nodes don’t appear in my blueprint node list. :frowning:

It’s definitely okay to be used with 4.3.1. You can also try to fully re-compile your project (so it will be built with your 4.3.1 in this case).

Plugin seems awesome, any chance you could update to support 4.4.3? I’m getting the game code could not compile error if I enable it and launch my project. Or is there a workaround to make the current version work with 4.4.3?