Plugin help needed.

I was trying to reduce my projects size by disabling plugins , i disabled them and when i try to package it it displays errors related to the plugins i disabled, now i cant see the plugins menu and I dont know how to re-enable them.Any feedback would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Not quite the answer you’re looking for but
The thing you can do (I do that ofte) is to export all settings and migrate the content to a new project. It should be okay then.

Edith: Oh, and by the way, the plugin you don’t wanna turn off, ever, is the Plugin Manager. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i deactivated Plugin Manager , how ti activate it ? please help!

Did you try going to Windows > Plugins and re-enabling the plugins?


Edit your project’s .uproject file. You will see a section where plugins are disabled; just delete them and reload your project.

I remember doing this editing .uproject and it broke the file. Might have done something wrong, I can’t remember really. So, BACK IT UP first.