PlugIn From Epic error in version 4.2

Hi, I am developing a simulator that works with live projection of images with sound VJ

I’m using the plug in the Epic Games LiveEditor working with MIDI protocol to use sound drivers.

In version 4.0.1 this plugin works correctly, but when I try to use the version 4.2 UnrealEditor Closes the screen and displays a process error … now send the error report …

There is the possibility of this error sending forward to some epic games analyst to correct the problem? What would be the procedure!

Thank you!

Hi ,

When you see the crash report window, can you copy the callstack information that is shown and paste it here? Also, can you provide your log files (found in ProjectDirectory\Saved\Logs)?

Hi, I Save the error in Link Below:

Verify for me, please!


Hi ,

This appears to be an error that has been corrected, and will be available in a future version of the Engine. If the Engine you are using is one that you built from source code, you can get the fix from GitHub and merge it into your existing Engine code. If you download the fix and it does not help with the issue you are experiencing, please let us know.


I downloaded version 4.3 last revision from Unreal worked properly at the time of making the Bind controls, very cool …

Now, I’m trying to follow the example that exists in the plug-in directory and when I do play the game Unreal hangs on standby, working in the background, I need to close the activity monitor in osx …

I wonder if I’m doing the procedure correctly for example … I just selected a Base Class and a parameter of the class LiveEventObject to be used by the controller in case the value of the RGB channel …

I’m using the functions correctly or may be the mistake of the game does not go into run mode?

Thank you!

My BluePrint


I am the developer of the plugin. Glad you’re trying to use it. There are a couple of things and a question.

(1) This plugin is almost entirely untested on Mac which is one of the main reasons we haven’t moved it out of the Experimental folder. :-/ I’ll see what I can do to rectify this in the next couple of weeks (no promises)

(2) Lighting will not currently work at all within a standalone game. The LiveEditing of Lights, right now, only works in the Editor level-editing windows.

(Question) Do you have other logic in your own plugin or somewhere else attempting to do MIDI control? I haven’t actually tested the Plugin when there is another program running that is attempting to bind to the MIDI inputs.

Other things

I’m away from my development machine for a couple of hours, but I will post my functional lighting script. I think I’ve drastically updated it since I cached out the version that’s in the Examples directory. That will at least let you see it working in the editor views. In the process I will re-implement your script and see if there is something particular about it that’s giving the Editor a crashy time.

I will be working on the plugin tomorrow (7/1) and I can take a look at least at what it would take to support LiveEditing lights between the editor and PIE/Standalone.

Hello friend, thanks for helping me in this work … Thanks anyway by willpower … the locking problem when I start the game in my case just now found out was because the sound card was off …

Beauty, I’ll wait for your script when you can take a look … I would like an example for me that I can rely on the parameters and begin to create some presets for motion and lights … Any functional blueprint already give me a light to develop this challenge …

Thanks for all

Attached is my Lighting script. Again this will only work in the Editor, and not across to PIE or Standalone game instances. But it might be text

Can you rephrase those questions? I’m not sure what you are asking.

Hi, Man…

Thanks for the work, very cool, I have a good example to be able to develop what I need …

I managed to set and bind the controls …

As I put the BluePrint for work?

I need to create some other BluePrint Light and variable sign any of your blueprint and insert it in the editor?

How Execute this BluePrint in Editor Mode?

I Rebind and Active more in Editor Mode when start nothing happens

Same process:

To make Blueprint Active and Running

  1. Select the Blueprint in the Content Browser
  2. Click the “Select Blueprint” button in the Live Editor Configuration Window
  3. Click [Bind] to set your controls
  4. Click [Activate] to start the Blueprint processing

To use it

  1. Place a light in your Level
  2. Select the light
  3. Press whatever button on your MIDI controller you bound to “Assign”
  4. the rest of the knobs and buttons you bound for this blueprint will now be able to modify the properties of the light that was Assigned

Let me know if you run into trouble. I can capture a quick video of the process by the end of the week.

you must recompile the lights? I am getting a message
Kicking off swarm
Light Build Failed. Swarm failed to kick off.

When I simulate the editor nothing happens

Humm… Nothing happens

It should “just work” in the editor window. You shouldn’t need to build lights at all.

Do you have “Real Time” mode selected for the active editor level window? It’s the first option on this menu in the Editor Window:


Did you first Select the light in the Editor Window and then press the button on your MIDI Controller that you bound to “Assign”?

Yes, add a light spot and soon followed press the button of the controller that signed the variable named: Assign Selected Light

Just to double-check: was the light selected in the editor when you hit the button? I don’t see the control widget in your photos.

But otherwise, I can take a look.

I have another thought: I didn’t properly make generic that script, I think. I believe that most of the bindings are set up to only work with continuous controls. If you are using sliders or fixed knobs on your MIDI board you may need to edit the Blueprint and add “Fixed Controller” to the options for each binding that is right now only set to “Continuous Controller”

But also this should be obvious in your video :slight_smile: