Plugin for Editor

I made some changes in UE4 downloaded from git hub and wanna make plugin for this. Can I do it, for example for ModifyBoneEditMode? I read about plugin here, but nothing found about this question. May be I need make changes in UE4 sorce code for github? It really problem what in blueprint animation we can use only one type of node Modify Bone. Static cast! I think need cast to interface between SkeletalControlBase and ModifyBone.

No, you misunderstood me in last quastion, you cna not magicly modify the code of the engine with the plugin, the engine code (and oyur code can do this too) need to support modification of behavior or some kind of extender. For example UE4 has special editor menu extenders function to add menu items to already existing sets, since other wise it would be impossible to add extra items without editor modification. The msot basic example is ability to set UClass to various things and engine have lot of them allowing to extend exiting classes in the engine, this even goes down to UEngine class which is main core of the engine, a center class that controls entire engine.

I don’t exactly know what you trying to do, i just hinted you there might be this possibility, but it might not, then you won’t avoid engine modification. This requires some API reference and engine source code seeking.

I try write new animal BP node. It is wonderful works now when I modified UE4. But I have question about core of editor. Can I modify editor in plugin?

You ca, you can also do that in C++ project as what plugin really is C++ module you can attach to any project. I recomand to create seperate C++ module for it and set Type of module to Editor os that code is only used in editor, other wise you get errors in packaging.

But again you can only do this via extenders. here video showing hteb asics, it quite old but still pretty valid:

Too long. Where I can read about this and copy that I need?

I began watch video, oranize my files in plugin, but cannot remove modifying UE4 core full. I wrote sawa Modify Bone (Editor and Realtime), editor crashed if ModifyBoneEditMode original:

struct FAnimNode_ModifyBone* RuntimeNode;
class UAnimGraphNode_ModifyBone* GraphNode;

RuntimeNode = static_cast<FAnimNode_ModifyBone*>(InRuntimeNode);
GraphNode = CastChecked<UAnimGraphNode_ModifyBone>(InEditorNode);

I need modify like this:

struct FSawaAnimNode_ModifyBone* RuntimeNode;
class USawaAnimGraphNode_ModifyBone* GraphNode;

RuntimeNode = static_cast<FSawaAnimNode_ModifyBone*>(InRuntimeNode);
GraphNode = CastChecked<USawaAnimGraphNode_ModifyBone>(InEditorNode);

Can you help me how do it from plugin? I wrote SawaModifyBoneEditMode and register it in AnimGrafModule (it’s also in core) but this did not help, editor crashed on exseption (cannot convert from FSawaAnimNode_ModifyBone to FAnimNode_ModifyBone).