Plugin failed to load because module could not be found

Hey, I’m the creator of EpicLeaderboard
I’m trying to get the plugin ready for UE 4.25 and everything works as long as you stay in the editor
but as soon as the project gets packaged and run it fails with this error message,


I’ve encountered this error previously and it was due to missing "Installed": true in the .uplugin file

however this time I have no clue as to why its not working,
it must be because of some changes in 4.25

the entire source code for the project is on github, just download it and give it a try yourself

Any help is appreciated

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Figured it out, its a UE4 bug introduced in either 4.24 or 4.25
to build and include the plugin with the package you must have a C++ source file in your project otherwise the plugins are going to be excluded.

So to fix it just add a dummy C++ class to your project close UE4, delete Intermediate, Build and Binaries folders
and reopen the project.

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Agree. My solution is the same as yours: convert BP project to C++ project. Or just put plugin under Engine\Plugins folder.