[Plugin] CommunityTesting,GameTesting,Statisics-Community Building[Poll]

You ever was in a situation were as testing is taking a lot of your time? Would you really like to gather statistics like a Profession and gather data from within the Unreal Engine Community to find tune your game. Just love a second thought before releasing. Well, this community based Plug-in which relies on the Epic Forums community is the place!!! If we can’t get a forum specifically to this the website will high-light your project daily with competition for what’s new and who want’s to test.

Look going through a ton of channels and putting your game on steam is a hassle and most times just a empty experience. If we come together as a community and help each other on testing this will be or productivity ten times. Allowing us time to focus on other areas of the game.

analytical data,feed-back,and bug reporting like a professional.

All this in a streamlined process which will comfortable for beginners or professionals.

Let’s build the community and make it stronger!!

Get a thousand yes, I’ll actually start working on it and concept of things this sounds fun.

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