[PLUGIN] Assets Cleaner - Project Cleaning Tool

Assets Cleaner 2.0 has been released! (Only for 4.26 → 5.0+)
Completely rebuilt to be faster, more flexible and as easy to use as ever!
Market place link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketp…989122c043ae21


When a project has been in development for a while, or after a period of prototyping, it is common to have a lot of leftover assets that are not used anymore.
These assets are taking up disk space, slowing the editor and build times down, and affecting build size.

Assets Cleaner is a simple tool that quickly** lists all unused assets** in a project and allow **managing them directly **from the tool, helping keep your project clean and lean.

Are you tired of having to manually migrate assets over to a new project whenever you want to delete assets you no longer use?
These days are over! Assets Cleaner takes care of it for you!


  • Scan and list Unused Assets
  • See Assets disk size (in column viewmode)
  • View, filter, search unused asset the same as in Content Browser
  • NEW: Include content from plugins
  • NEW: Automatically delete empty folders when deleting assets
  • Manage assets directly from the tool (Find in Content Browser, Find on Disk, Edit Assets, Delete Assets (using the editor’s Delete Assets window), Move Assets)
  • Quick access to editor’s asset tools: Reference Viewer (to view which other assets an asset uses), Size Map to easily see the size of assets, NEW: Audit Tool to get more detailed info specific to asset types

Documentation available here
Support thread: over here

Update: It’s now released! Wooo!
Market place link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketp…989122c043ae21

This is the result after restarting the project with plugin enabled. Any help? Thanks.

Hi there
This is very strange.

This tool requires UE 4.23 at least, are you using a specific version of the engine, is it the epic launcher version? Or a compiled version from GitHub or modified engine?

If you are able to go into your ProjectFolder\Saved\Logs and open the latest modified txt file in there, if you look around the end of the file there should be more details about the error, see if there is anything there
Or you can copy paste the end of the file here, or attach it so i can take a look?

After googling that error it looks like some people solved that problem by deleting the /intermediate /saved and /build folders, you could give that a try

Firstly, my apology for messed up forum topic. It had to be in the support topic. I am using the standard epic launcher UE 4.23 version. Deleting those folders didn’t help. From log file:

0]LogWindows: Failed to load ‘C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_4.23/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/AssetsCleaner/Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor-AssetsCleaner.dll’ (GetLastError=126)
0]LogWindows: Missing import: UE4Editor-AssetManagerEditor.dll
0]LogModuleManager: Warning: ModuleManager: Unable to load module ‘C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_4.23/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/AssetsCleaner/Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor-AssetsCleaner.dll’ because the file couldn’t be loaded by the OS.

Is it possible the issue to be related to Windows version or something?

That is very strange,
It seems to complain about the AssetManagerEditor missing.
Did you disable it by any chance? It’s a plugin that comes with the editor and is usually enabled.
Try enabling it again (It’s in plugins-> Built-In -> Editor -> Asset Manager Editor) and restarting the editor.

If you cannot start your project because of the error, edit your .uproject file with notepad, in there you should see something like:

Set enabled to true, and restart the editor

If this doesn’t work, please send us an email at “unrealtoolshed at gmail dot com” and we’ll be able to help you out further on there.

Thank you very much! It was my mistake. I forgot, that at early stage of my project i disabled Asset Manager Editor, which is necessary for this plugin to work, obviously :). Everything is fine and perfect now.

Glad the problem is solved.
I have contacted Epic to find a way to prevent this from happening again, and I have submitted an update to the plugin that should fix the problem and prevent it from happening again

Thanks for letting me know, I hope you’ll find the tool useful

Absolutely. I’m already using it and the plugin is great. Keep the good work.

Update 01 is live!

  • A few minor fixes
  • Better plugin dependencies handling (avoids situation where projects wouldn’t load if AssetRegistryEditor plugin was disabled, as seen a few comments above)

Thanks everyone for the support, I’ve been blown away by the reception on the marketplace!

Very excited to announce that Assets Cleaner tool has been selected as part of the Unreal Marketplace Showcase for the next 2 weeks!
To celebrate we’re having a 10% off sale for the duration of the showcase

Get in there and keep your projects clean and lean!


For anyone having crashes when opening levels after the tool had been opened, Epic just fixed the issue in 4.23.1
Please update the engine (no need to update the tool)

We’re on sale for black Friday! Enjoy 10% off, can’t be cheaper than this!!!

Assets Cleaner has been updated to 4.24

We’re part of the Marketplace march sale until March 6th!
Grab it now at a crazy half price!


Assets Cleaner has been updated to 4.25!

We have been working hard to completely rebuild Assets Cleaner from the ground up to be faster, more flexible and as simple to use as ever!

To celebrate the UE5 release, and to show our appreciation to the awesome support along the years, we wanted to release a completely new Assets Cleaner with a lot of the requests that came from all of you :heart:

New Features (long requested)

  • Include Plugin Content
  • Delete empty directories
  • Tool now uses an Assets Viewer, which is basically the same UI as the content browser, allowing things like different view modes (tiles, list, columns), asset filters, complex search etc…
    We really hope you enjoy and the tool proves useful to you!