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Assets Cleaner - Project Cleaning Tool support thread

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    [SUPPORT] Assets Cleaner - Project Cleaning Tool support thread

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    This is the support thread for the Assets Cleaner - Project Cleaning Tool
    Please leave any question, feedback or issues as a comment below and we'll get back to you asap.

    Documentation available here


    When a project has been in development for a while, or after a period of prototyping, it is common to have a lot of leftover assets that are not used anymore.
    These assets are taking up disk space, slowing the editor and build times down, and affecting build size.

    Assets Cleaner is a simple tool that quickly lists all unused assets in a project and allow managing them directly from the tool, helping keep your project clean and lean.

    Are you tired of having to manually migrate assets over to a new project whenever you want to delete assets you no longer use?
    These days are over! Assets Cleaner takes care of it for you!

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    • Scan and list Unused Assets
    • See Assets disk size
    • Easily browse the list with Filters (name, type, folder), and columns sorting (name, type, folder, size)
    • Manage assets directly from the tool:
      • Find in Content Browser
      • Find in System's File Browser
      • Edit Asset
      • Delete Assets (using the editor's Delete Assets window)
      • Move files
      • View selected assets in the Reference Viewer graph to have a nice graph view of all references and dependencies
      • View selected assets in the Size Map to have a visual representation of disk space usage in selected assets
    • Warning message shows up when unused Redirectors are found, with a step by step guide on how to fix Redirectors in the Content Browser.

    Important/Additional Notes:
    • Because some functionalities require the Editor plugin "AssetManagerEditor" to be enabled (it is by default), a warning will show up and options will be disabled, if it is not detected.
    • It is not recommended to use the custom blueprint functions that come with this plugin (found in the AssetCleanerPlugin section), as they are meant for the plugin's internal use only and support is not provided for those.
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    Update: Assets Cleaner has been released on the marketplace:
    Please leave any question or feedback below


      Update 01 is live!
      • A few minor fixes
      • Better plugin dependencies handling (avoids situation where projects wouldn't load if AssetRegistryEditor plugin was disabled)

      Thanks everyone for the support, I've been blown away by the reception on the marketplace!


        Update: For anyone having crashes when opening levels after the tool had been opened, Epic just fixed the issue in 4.23.1
        Please update the engine (no need to update the tool)


          Assets Cleaner has been updated to 4.24


            Currently I can select all or a single file, but there is no way of choose several selected files. And not shortcut of any kind will help.

            Also the right click functions won't appear

            running it in 4.23.1