[Plugin] AGR PRO

Hello and welcome to the official support thread for the AGR PRO plugin. A collection of components aimed to help manage gameplay common issues. [work in progress]

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  1. What is „AGR PRO”?
    AGR PRO is a set of C++ components and classes, that are intended to speed up game development, and help in managing multiplayer features.
  2. Do I need to know C++? Who is it for?
    No. However AGR is targeted at intermediate and advanced users.
  3. What is included?
    Currently: character component and anim instance class to provide everything you need for multiplayer locomotion system.
  4. Why would I use AGR instead of something else? Is AGR compatible with other frameworks?
    All components are stand-alone and don’t depend on each other to work. It means you can take just part of the created functionalities, and combine them with anything else.
  5. Is it multiplayer ready?
    One of very important features is Multiplayer. All components and features are tested on multiplayer.
  6. Why is it free? Will it mine crypto using my computer?
    Further development of this tool-set is driven solely on generosity of donation on Patreon! If you like to support further development feel free to do so. You can also request examples and tutorials. Patreon page.
    And No. there is no hidden catch. nothing extra. no strings attached.
  7. Am I forced to use your mannequin or character class?
    I am trying to make all components that must depend on a class- to be dependent on engine classes like character. So you can add components to your own C++ classes and not worry about inheritance.
  8. I’ve been following the AGR tutorials and free blueprint framework for a while – can I integrate with AGR PRO?
    Sure! AGR PRO comes as a framework but doesn’t have complete project examples.
  9. Can I hire you to make my game with AGR?
    No. But you can seek help if you run into a problem or a bug. Follow tutorials!
  10. What are future plans for AGR?
    In plans: input buffer, combo manager, precise collision manager, footsteps manager, inventory & equipment.

Official Tutorials Playlist (will be expanded and added to in near future)

Community and direct support on Discord.


Excelent master

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I love it!!!
this change my life, ty <3

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Hey there @AngeIV ,

if I try to build our project with the plugin enabled, this error shows up in the output log:

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)):   G:/Epic Games/UE_4.26/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/AGRPRO/Source/AGRPRO/Public/Data/AGR_Footstep_Notify.h(22) : LogCompile: Error: An explicit Category specifier is required for any property exposed to the editor or Blueprints in an Engine module.
PackagingResults: Error: An explicit Category specifier is required for any property exposed to the editor or Blueprints in an Engine module.
UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): Took 21,5651735s to run UnrealBuildTool.exe, ExitCode=6

This prevents to build the project (BUILD FAILED), could you fix this issue, please?

what engine version? it should be fixed on 4.26. don’t know about 4.25

It was on 4.26, but as I see it’s fixed. Thx!

great job,it helps me a lot and save me lots of time,thank you very much~Looking forward to the new Combat function! :muscle: