Advanced Blueprints Tutorials (Multiplayer) (FREE Download)

Hi everyone!
Recently I’ve been reworking some tools I developed for multiple purposes on multiple projects.
I am part of this incredible community for so long and experienced nothing but support from everyone! UE4 got one of the most integral, strong and active communities out there.
So I wanted to give back.
I started to wrap up all my work and I wish to share it for free with everyone, to do with it as you please. Learn from it, use it, modify it!

Download link in the description. Please let me know if something isn’t working correctly.

Here is an example I set up in 3 evenings with the help of those components and animation sets from mocap online and kubold.

You can download the demo and finish the demo map yourself and see how responsive it is.

I am currently working on series of tutorials that explains in depth - how to work with movement component, custom animation notifications, character class nuances, replication, optimization, and real life examples of issues and solutions from my working experience.

I wish my materials to be a good starting point for anyone whom finished all the internet RPG / SHOOTER tutorials for beginners and are stuck in between knowing a thing or two about unreal, and being able to ship a product.

I would also like to know, what examples next You would like to see?

doesnt work, a lot of errors

It requires some work that’s why it’s targeted at advanced users. It DOES work - errors are missing assets from marketplace examples that need to be re-setup. all basic and free examples work perfectly. same for the components.

I would kindly want to inviter everyone who was following this topic for a while to visit the new AGR page for the upcoming AGR PRO plugin on the marketplace (still for free!)
Support new forum topic: