[PLUGIN] Adventure Kit

The UE4 Adventure Kit is available for purchase on the Marketplace

The Adventure Kit includes gameplay elements and templates which can be used as a basis for a variety of games.

Final Update

Hello Everyone

I am sure some of you have already noticed the creeping changes in regards to the Adventure Kit: It is no longer distributed via Sellfy, updates have become rarer and support questions take much longer to be answered, if at all.

What started as a hobby project with UDK became a successful commercial product with UE4 and for almost a year I was able to spent my working hours on it exclusively. As demand declined however I found myself in need of additional income to cover living expenses and started to take on contract work occasionally to continue work on the kit.

It’s been another year and the Adventure Kit, while still a useful tool, is no longer sustaining itself as a product. Another job has taken precedence in my life and for the past months I have been unable to continue work on the kit in a meaningful way and I am no longer able to give support in a way that is expected for this product.

The last straw in this regard was my inability to fix a rather simple yet breaking bug for the better part of a month. It forced me to re-evaluate my the stance that I have been holding: that this is a temporary down and I will pick up active development again soon. While this might still be an option in the future it is my personal opinion that customers expect a certain level of maintenance to come with the plugin that I am unable to provide.

That being said the kit will as of now officially no longer be in active development. In detail that means:
-I will continue to provide incremental updates for each new engine release to keep it working but no new features will be added.
-The price will be cut permanently to 50$ because it is after all a working software that can still be used to create games or act as a learning resource. I have had great feedback from customers and I think it still holds much value that way.
-No GitHub access for new buyers. If you have a Sellfy or Marketplace recipe prior to January 10th 2018 you can still apply. Back when the kit launched the Marketplace was still undergoing a lot of usability changes and it took long to publish updates compared to Sellfy or GitHub. As of now Updates are actually processed through the Marketplace first as it helps with verification for the different platforms. Additionally the GitHub process and interface did confuse a lot of customers in the past more than it helped them.

Thank you all for sticking with me for the two years and all the best for your future endeavors!

Download Demo

Getting Started: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis…hWhO5s0nDPyj2g
API: http://freetimestudio.github.io/Adve…api/index.html
Wiki: http://freetimestudio.github.io/Adve…Kit/wiki/Home/

Issues / Help
https://github.com/FreetimeStudio/Adventure-Kit/issues (Registered Buyers Only)

On the Marketplace


  • Flexible Movement System
    The movement system of the kit includes everything a good adventure needs: Ledges, Ladders, Walls, Ceilings, Tight Spaces, Balancing Beams and Ziplines! All these movement zones can be configured to work with different types of characters and the underlying base classes allow for an easy implementation of custom behaviors.
  • Item and Inventory System
    Augment your character with an inventory that can hold items, weapons and equip them on the character. You can also use key items to open locks or combine them to craft something different!
  • Over 70 Animations
    Lots of movements, interactions and poses to bring your vision to life!
  • Weapons
    The kit’s item system includes weapon functionality and has implementations for Pistol, Machine Gun, Minigun, Bow, Sword, Boomerang, Overheating Gun and Grappling Hook.
  • Game Templates
    The example content comes with seven templates that you can use to create your own projects from! The templates include starter levels for a variety of games such as Zelda, Darksiders, Outlast, Mirror’s Edge, Splinter Cell and Point and Click Adventures!
  • Powerful Character Actions
    The action system allows characters to perform a variety of tasks. They can synch up animations of several characters, handle item equipment, interactions and combo attacks!
  • Wall Walking
    Create characters that move on the ceiling or around planetoids! Set a gravity direction and the character will orient itself accordingly.
  • Material Based Footsteps
    Utilize UE4’s physical surface system to customize how character footsteps sound.
  • Full Source and GitHub access
    When you buy the the kit you will get access to the GitHub repository used to develop the kit. Get updates as soon as they are committed!
  • Platforms
    Windows, Mac, Linux*, (iOS, Android, HTML5)**
  • No C++ required*
    The plugin is written in C++ but everything you need is exposed to Blueprints, in fact all of the example content is created exclusively with Blueprints!
  • You will still need a compiler setup in case you use Linux or want to build for mobile.

** Since the kit is a plugin for UE4 it should run on all engine supported platforms, however some post fx is not compatible with the HTML5 renderer. iOS and Android should work as well, however it is not tested nor have touch controls been implemented.

Additional Info
This software is a plugin for the Unreal Engine 4. It does not work as a stand alone and needs version 4.10 of the engine. Currently the mechanics only work in single player. Network support is planned but does not exist as of yet. The kit contains sample assets, some of which were created by third parties. It uses starter content from Epic Games as well as sound files. All included sounds are released under the Public Domain license.







The kit has been submitted to the marketplace and has been approved, but it is now up to Epic Games to release it. I cannot say when that will happen.

Kind Regards

My tax refund can’t get here fast enough. This will be an instant purchase!

Absolutely great Content Pack from a great UE4 Dev, Mr Krabbe. So many cool features in here! Had the pleasure of beta testing it and it’s ton’s of fun! :smiley:

I’m using this Adventure Kit for my game and is totally awesome.


I have been waiting for this since you started on UDK…many, many years :slight_smile: Buying now. Thanks for your hard work in advance!

Hey everyone,

I finally got a Linux demo up and running!
Download it here: Adventure Kit by Freetime Studio

I tested it, but I can’t say how far it goes compatibility wise.


Nice plugin mate :slight_smile:
Does it includes auto targetting for sword combat and character damage animation ?

The adventure kit character has an interface for target collection and target locking, however as of yet the attack actions do not make the character auto hit the closest target. This is a planned feature and but not yet included. Since the todo list is quite long and multiplayer will probably take up most effort I can’t say as to when it will be in.


Are you already looking at what needs to happen for it to work with 4.11? I am considering postponing restarting my new project when 4.11 is out and i was wondering if the plugin will be updated soon?

Will this be coming to the UE4 Marketplace? If so I will wait becasue it is easier for me to track my assets and updates. If not I will buy form Selfy. Thanks!

I couldn’t resist. I bought it. LOL!!!

I have started an experimental 4.11 branch on github a while ago, but I am currently doing a pass on the kit’s tools. Once that is done I will again focus on the update for 4.11.

@Venged: Thanks lol, the plugin will come to the marketplace when Epic has a way to handle code based content.


Awesome, thats great to hear.
I will postpone production until 4.11 and the update from you is out then. I already bought it! =D
Thanks for the update.


Hey everyone,

today is the last chance to get 10% off the AdventureKit with the Promo Code “Release” at https://sellfy.com/p/vTPW/


Hi, I had just one quick question. I’m very interested in this and fully plan on buying it, but I was wondering if I can use this in a retail game and what the stipulations behind that would be?

The terms are pretty much the exact same ones as they are for assets on the marketplace.

So the short version is: You can use this in any project no matter if commercial or not as long as you do not distribute the kit in its source form. You can distribute it within your team for your project though. Furthermore you are not obliged to credit using the kit in any way (Though it is always welcomed :wink: ).


This is awesome. Thanks for all the hard work! I’ll definitely be purchasing this immediately whence Network support is implemented. My short-term dream would be eventually combining this with another UE4 favorite/hit, the Generic Shooter project package

I tried to buy this from France (during the “Release” discount period) using paypal, but my payment was rejected : the error message said that the seller didn’t accept my payment. Is there some restriction about from where you buy it on
sellfy ?

May I request a few screenshot to see how features from your kit are exposed to BP ? My concern is about modularity, and how I can combine gameplay-related element from various sources (kit, assets from Marketplace and custom pre-made BP code) with your kit.


Hello FreemanCIT,

There should be no restriciton on region, but another buyer reported issues as well back when the release discount was still active and we resolved the issue. You can pm me if you still want the discount, but for anyone else reading this, the discount is over and I won’t allow further exceptions :wink:

As for screenshots, I am not sure how to exactly show function exposure count. That being said I am close to finishing the first update for the kit and will release a Getting Started tutorial series on youtube on how to setup a character and how to use the different mechanics and tools. That should hopefully give a good idea on whether or not the kit works with another content pack.


There are already support for code projects in the marketplace I think.