[PLUGIN] Adventure Kit

Hey everyone,

the first update is out! With it comes a new Getting Started tutorial series:

New Features

  • Character can now collide with world geometry while moving in zones.

  • Dynamic moving zones are supported now.

  • Custom context menu for zones to manage supported characters

  • Custom editor tools for manual transition creation and configuration

  • Transitions are now almost completely driven by AnimMontages:

    • Animation correction now works by using a native AnimNotifyState that automatically extracts root motion and adds compensation for transition offsets.
    • Transition correction alpha is now extracted from anim curves of the montage.
    • Transition correction can now override root motion completely instead of only adjusting it.
    • Created native AnimNotifys that can invoke character modifiers and apply the transition zone
    • Changing the play rate of a montage changes the speed of the transition.


  - Portals can now have a fixed orientation instead of always facing the player.
  - Transition components now have a visualizer so they no longer use arrow components to show transitions.
  - Transitions created by build modules are now as persistent as possible. If a transition is changed the component stays the same instead of removing it and creating a new component. The transition's life cycle is now handled natively to survive construction script calls.
  - Dynamic transitions can be toggled active/inactive by a flag now.
  - Grabbing a ledge from falling no longer snaps but is interpolated smoothly.
  - Added configurable flags on a character to enable/disable entering zones automatically from hits or overlaps.
  - Adding input vector no longer requires two function calls for local and global, now there is one to set both. This function is also no longer mandatory and the user can set the movement vector any way they want.
  - Weapons can now be configured to make the character look at target locks or not.
  - Added grapple pose for the character when using grappling hook to go to ledges.
  - Removed a lot of transition actions while retaining all movement options due to the new AnimMontage system. 
  - Setting a zone for a character no longer automatically snaps the character to it, this is now configurable by a parameter.
  - Zone movement properties (like max ledge speed, offset, etc.) are now part of the movement component and no longer inside the movement capability struct making them easily adjustable by the user at runtime.


  - Targeting camera mode is no longer stuck when quickly changing weapons.
  - Secret Agent character can now die even when crouched.
  - Action Adventure character no longer gets stuck on ledges.
  - Character can now enter other zones after letting go of the zip line.
  - FaceRotation no longer resets the character's rotation while doing a transition.
  - AnimMontages with root motion now play correctly when using wall walking.

@Hevedy: I have to admit I haven’t checked since the release since I was busy with other things. Do you have a linke to a code project?


From what I know this one is totally C++ Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

just a quick word of support :
this kit is very well made, cleverly designer, and heavily compatible with BP based start kit available in the marketplace. I am no professional programmer, and I was able to quickly test some gameplay features thanks to examples project and the documentation provided (wiki and video).

The access to github allows to use updates when available.

Very nice kit. The last update seems to render the tweaking of actions (including timing) very easy.

Thank you FTC !


Hey all,
@Hevedy: Interesting, I guess I never noticed it because it was filed in the Blueprints category. I’ll soon leave for a short vacation during Easter but when I get back I’ll look into getting it up on the marketplace again.
@FreemanCIT: Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I recorded a video of the new collision and moving zones features from the last update:

Currently I am working on the 4.11 update which works quite well, apart from the mac version. As soon as I have a successful mac build I will release the new update.


The 4.11 version of the kit just got released!

I also sent my submission for the marketplace and will keep you updated on how it goes.


FTC can you maybe make a video tutorial how to compile the plugin

i have downloaded AdvKitRelease411_v12 of the adventure kit and installed UE4 4.11.1 and have installed SOURCE FROM GITHUB ALLSO UE4.11.1 tryed both and have this errors
Couldn’t set association for project. Check the file is writeable

and open the project direct in the editor i get
Unable to read project status

and installed the plugin 4.xx/Engine/Plugins/
anyone have a fix for this

I fixed it in the AdvKitExamples.uproject delete the ]

“FileVersion”: 3,
“EngineAssociation”: “4.11”,
“Category”: “”,
“Description”: “”
] < Delete this one

Hi fhl41,

Yes I am very sorry for the screw up. It got reported by another user and I already issued a fix and uploaded a new hotfix version (1.2.1). I recommend that you download the latest version, since some of the templates were affected as well. I will create a tutorial on how to compile the plugin itself.

However only the release version should have been affected, when you check it out from github the examples project contains the plugin and you can compile it directly by opening the project. The plugin needs to be compiled at least once before it can be installed. I might not have made that clear enough in the documentation and will fix it asap.


Hi fhl41,

I added a more sophisticated wiki page for installing the project:


FTC thanks for the quick fix 1.2.1 and wiki :smiley:

And i have an account at github for unreal source but gives 404 when i hit your link how can i register for viewing the wiki

Hi fhl41,

There is a Readme included in the kit which describes the steps to get GitHub access to the repository.


Nice! Does your UDK adventure kit have the same functionality as this ? i’d add donate button to.

@Neongho: Not quite. The UDK kit has mostly movement mechanics. The UE4 kit also comes with wallwalking, inventory-, weapon-, action- and switchsystem as well as a couple of game templates. It is also much easier to implement custom movement mechanics. Currently the UE4 kit does not have sliding, poles and swimming (apart form the native Unreal implementation). These features will eventually be added, but marketplace and multiplayer support are a priority right now.


Alrgith, I’ve played it so far very fun and interesting specially the doors with stars and stuff, that’s cool… If you get AI being able to perform what player can, " jump across ledges and more " i’d definitively have a bigger incentive to buy it!

awesome, thanks for the updates! =D

Hey everyone,

a little bit of news! It took time, but the marketplace submission is almost through. The kit has been approved and we are going over some last organizational points.



[FONT=Arial Black]I am profoundly interested, is pretty cool!

I just need to know if I can adapt existing things in my game framework:

  1. Multplayer
  2. AI
  3. RPG Stats system
  4. Only Third Persons View mode


Hello sir,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Karim Spinedi, From Geneva in Switzerland.

I’m just learning UE4 by creating a small gameplay by myself in six months about. Unfortunately, I did not find any tutorial about the climbing system, climb the ladder, go on a ledge and another action for add to my gameplay.

I bought your plugins.

I have carefully read the documentation.

I would like to know if it was possible to add your system (parkour) to my gameplay, or if I must implemented my gameplay around your templates “parkour”.

Is it possible to use your system with another Skeleton (Mixamo) as unreal engine by default? If so, what is the best procedure for this?

Please excuse me if I ask you so many questions, but I am not coder or professional in the design of video games.

I’m just an amateur, who managed to make a camera system transition true-FPS and TPS, with a custom system of “crouch/prone”.

I would keep my system and add your system “parkour” to my gameplay.

Is it possible ? Does a documentation would be available?

Thank you, Sir, for taking the time to read.

At the very great pleasure to have your answer.

Congratulations to you for this great work.


Karim Spinedi

English is not my default language. I speak French. You will excuse me for the bad english.