Pleeeeeeeease! Avatar in Unreal 4 Forum

Why not User’s avatar in Unreal 4 Forum?
I remember avatars! Avatars were funny those old days in UDK forum.



I hope they don’t add them, the posts were massive in the old forum.

Why not @smokey13. It’s just a 150x150 Gif image.

like it:



We already have signatures, quite enough I believe.

I like the cleaner look.

I actually dislike that we have no avatar XD
Just plain text.
I wish they would take the time and continue on the forum design. We are on such a good way.

I quite like it to have no avatars on this forum.
They are superflous. I like the clean and uncluttered look of the board.
Why should it look like an anime fan board ?

It looks more adult and pro without avatars.

We make** games** not Quantum Theory !!!:cool:

Avatars could be optional so that people who don’t want to see them could turn off their display in forum settings.

I liked them because you could always identify someone based on their avatar. It’s almost like putting a face to the person in some ways. Also, now I feel like watching Avatar. Thanks LunyBunny. =P

i also like identifying people by glancing at the avatar. i would also hide some of the not-so-useful info under people’s names (Mentioned, Tagged… etc). these could be moved to the person’s profile page.

+1 … Avatars…

Because they’re more about personality than fanboy obsession or corporate-type-badges…

Hey everyone,

Just to let you know, avatars are something we’re working on, but want to do a specific was so that your avatar is attached to all of your forum and game accounts. Stay tuned :smiley:

Please give us a way to disable them locally then. I much prefer the way it looks like now, I don’t want to have screen space wasted with avatars. We already have badges, and avatars would also makes badges less important because the avatar would most likely be a lot bigger (except for allar).

If not a toggle, then at least size options.

Great news. :slight_smile:

I think this is a pretty good suggestion!

Yes, several developers have brought this concern up to me as well. I intend to include that functionality. Again, this is in the works but is still a ways off from being complete. Thanks everyone for your feedback, I’ll be watching and taking notes.

Probably can mess a bit with the badges for some very ‘badg-ed’ users. Making a little dirty visual for these users with four, six or more “Badges”.
But for those who does not have any badge can become a little more personalized and alive.

But anyway it would be interesting to see my avatar in the Epics Launcher, or logged account!
And I do not think my virtual appearance (or real) can be considered a superfluous thing.

And finally
Why not go beyond and consider a ‘Second Life’ aproach in Unreal 4 world riding the wave of VR capabilities in Unreal.