PleaseHelp-want to "trigger volume" disable Niagaraparticles in FPC blueprint

I have a patch of particles set up like rain. Niagara System, they are attached to first person character blueprint, so they move with the character. Not sure how to have a trigger volume “begin overlap” work in FPC blueprint to have them trigger off when character goes inside.

I’ve tried creating a “User Float” in the Niagara System to be referenced in a blueprint actor, and then have that triggered by begin overlap, but I can’t figure out how to use begin overlap trigger volume in character blueprint.

I also can’t figure out how to reference the Niagara system from character blue print if I try to do this in the level blueprint.

I’ve decided to also try setting up the Niagara system as an AI follow, where the rain follows my character. Maybe would be easier to disable the rain via trigger if it wasn’t attached to the player. Currently looking into this method.

Any help would be very much appreciated