Please stop violating IANA rules

I won’t say much because it’s self explanatory.

Basically Epic executables use address ranges that are RESERVED by IANA:

Following executables use address which is reserved multicast address and MUST NOT be used.

  1. Epic Games Launcher
  2. UE4Editor
  3. CrashReportClientEditor

I once asked question here:…et-up-firewall

I didn’t get official response, it does matter much, but I stumbled upon one thread where Epic staff responds to similar problem here:…p-problem.html

Here is funny quote that shows you guys blame hardware instead of your own software:

Obviously this address is reserved therefore blaming anything is out of question, instead please use valid multicast address to avoid confusing users and causing troubles with firewall.

“Your IPTV is somehow responding in a bad manner”
it’s clear engine executable are using reserved address which is the bad manner here

“this may be a bug in the multicast implementation of the TV”
No it’s bug in your software

“or it maybe some undocumented feature”
No it’s well documented on IANA link I gave you, please read documentation and update your code to be in line with widely accepted networking rules.

Yes the answer from link contains advice workaround of the problem, but real problem is that’s workaround not solution.

And here is a link to verify this address is reserved:…ss-space.xhtml