Please speculate on how to improve my renders

I’ve been working on a game for quite a while now and I would like to know other people’s thoughts on visual aspect of the game. How to make it look better? Thanks.

Hi, I think they look great!

If I was to point anything out I would say it needs more bounced lighting like global illumination. You could try the new Screen Space Global illumination. It adds a nice bounce/under lighting.

…of course ray tracing would make it shine but add alot of performance cost and understanding of how that system works and affects other things.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

It looks well-done. A few suggestions:

  1. Enhance the contrast of colors a bit…perhaps with post process volumes that increase color output of darker textures by a small amount, especially near windows and light fixtures.
  2. Put some dirt on the floor, or try making it somewhat messier in a few places, something that contributes to the atmosphere of the game.
  3. Make a few things in the background animated, if they’re not already. One of the lamps could slightly diminish in intensity every so often, at a low frequency of occurrence. Candles in the chandelier could flicker and wave a bit. Perhaps a tree outside one of the windows that has motion due to the wind, and its animated shadow is visible on the floor / wall.