Please remove these reflecting white lines on the train tracks (they are straight, following pixels)

Seems to be an issue with UE or?

Specular aliasing. TAA should fix that.

What about Nvidia MFAA, will it give me more fps than TAA ?

What type of assets are you using? May I skype you or help you in some way other than a few seconds on a video through a thread? I also love the project and would be happy to help! I have many assets that I can donate and lots of experience with UE4. For one, try to go in unlit mode, if the lines are still there, I may help you but it will take a very long time to explain.

It is from the game “Squad”, I am not a DEV, was just wondering what caused the reflections to be in straight lines (pixels) instead of really following the rails.

You mean TXAA? I have TXAA + FXAA enabled together. Will try TXAA only. Thanks! :slight_smile: