Please read this if experiencing payment issues

I wanted to provide folks some insight on how payment stuff works under the hood, what the known issues are, and what our plans are to improve the situation for folks experiencing said issues.

We are currently using Chase Paymentech as our sole payment provider around the world. They are the global leader for credit card processing, and we chose them as our first provider due to providing the widest global coverage and reach. They also have been amazing to work with :slight_smile:

Sadly no single payment provider has perfect coverage, which is why the plan has been and still is to bring other payment providers online over time, and also to work with aggregator services (aggregators are meta payment providers that are a collection of other payment providers) to make it possible for people to subscribe in the most convenient way. This is an ongoing effort that is going to span several months.

And now to the known issues:

Okay, I lied. First and foremost, if you are experiencing issues, thanks for trying to check out our engine and tools, and our apologies for not being able to do so. We are as excited as you are to get everything in your hand :slight_smile:

JCB is not working in Japan

This is due to Chase Paymentech not supporting USD for JCB in Japan for European companies (our entity for non-US transactions). They do however support JPY, which we didn’t have the time to add support for, and plan to add in the coming months. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Some credit and debit card users are reporting an “Invalid Amount” error code.

We believe this is due to the issuing financial institution not handling authorizations of $0.00 or $0.01 correctly. These are the standard ways to check whether a card is valid based on the card brand.

You might want to talk to your issuing bank about them rejecting this, however in practice the easiest solution is probably to try a different card. If you don’t have an alternate way of payment, here is some information on what to tell your bank.

  • Please ask to speak to experts dealing with credit/debit card authorizations, processing, and transactions (not all bank employees are trained on this subject)
  • Please let your issuing bank know that Chase Paymentech is the processor and Epic Games Inc (or Epic Games Intl Sarl) is the merchant
  • Epic Games is attempting to verify your credit/debit account and then transact (capture) an appropriate amount (one-time charge)
  • Please ask your issuing bank to consider white-listing future requests from Epic Games

Some credit and debit card users are reporting an “Payment is declined” error code.

This might be due to the aforementioned $0.00 / $0.01 authorization issue, however it is also the error code for an expired credit card, invalid credit card number, or insufficient credit.

Different banks handle error messaging differently and for banks that issue a specific message, we display it to you.

Some users are reporting an “Invalid Merchant” error message.

We’re currently talking with Chase and are investigating the source of the issue. Right now the only workaround is to use a different card. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

There are some issues with banks using non-ISO compliant characters for names.

We had a report of a user in Poland who ran into an issue where their name was represented in non-latin characters on the bank’s side. The problem is our web form and backend only support latin characters, which is causing the card to be rejected.

While we applaud proper handling of names in a global world, neither the ISO standard, nor we are ready for that yet :-/

Please don’t hesitate to contact for questions and help.

I’m getting: “Payment is declined” error code, I’m using a debit card (Master Card) country: Portugal

You say that your payment provider is great?
Well It’s the first time since my first online purchase (circa 1998) in my life that I have problems to make a online payment
just because the website or the payment provider doesn’t support my country / card…
I think your payment provider it’s not so good…

So… basically your solution to improve the situation for the ones that are not been able to subscribe and give to you money is… try again with another card? or talk to your bank? or better one: " make sure you have money in you account" Seriously?

BREAKING NEWS: The problem is your payment provider! not my bank, not my card, not my country, not my money! THE PROBLEM IS YOURS!
I guess some people are right, “it’s more easy to crack it than it is to buy it” Of course i do not support warez but it makes you think, doesn’t?


Majority, I’m sorry you are running into issues with your card being rejected by our payment system :frowning:

I certainly understand how frustrating it is to not be able to purchase a product you want to use and have used myself a few times to voice my discontent about not being able to pay for something. I’m looking at you HBO / Game of Thrones.

I wish there was an easy solution to this, and I would still suggest contacting for help as they might have more details on what went wrong payment wise, but my fear is that other than waiting for us to get better payment coverage, your only other good options are to use a different card or talk to your bank and inquire what went wrong.

Another reason I am suggesting contacting is that based on analytics I saw, they are able to help a large percentage of folks to pay for the engine, but I am not sure how many of those simply tried another card.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that broadening our payment provider reach is a focus and there are folks dedicated to this. My apologies to those affected by our sub-optimal coverage.

“Payment is declined.” message also appears because the Chase Paymentech is making a request for additional information to the bank like they request for the phone number. And some banks will simply refuse such a request.

When this request for additional information is sent and the bank rejects it, the payment workflow simply stops and you hit a dead end. So simply use another card from a different bank that allows for this kind of additional messages, if you have any.

Hello, my name is Alexis and I live in Argentina. I was trying to make you subscribe to USD 19 and appears to me that the payment has been declined. I have a INTERNATIONAL NARANJA VISA card and other sites I have not had trouble using it. I wanted to know if there is another payment option as PayPal.

We are all waiting for that! It can be today, tomorrow, or in 3 months. Only Epic knows.

no more to prove CryENGINE see if that engine if I can pay

Quite disappointed atm. Havent have any problems paying anything in atleast 6-7 years from any continent/country.How can company be global leader if it cant handle global payment like alot other companys do.Theres nothing my bank can do to solve this.I hope you get it sorted soon.

FYI, just checked with our payment guys and they said that neither Chase nor we are asking for extra information.

Having said that, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work :frowning: To be clear, we understand that the ball is in our court and it is up to us to make sure we add payment providers and improve the flow to ensure a smooth experience. There is certainly a lot of internal chatter about what the best plan of action is to help.

I want to apologize in advance for how long it might take and thank you for your interest in our tools and engine.

Isn’t so obvious that you guys need to have a paypal or similar payment service?

what is the best most appropriated prepaid card in this list?: Find Your Visa Card


Hello there Majority - almost all of them should work. My personal preference is always to buy a card from a major bank (I see PNC listed) or some major ‘backer’ that I have heard of (like WalMart). You can also find Western Union MasterCard prepaid card on the MasterCard site available for online purchase. If you do buy a card and run into trouble, please email and ask for Grant. :slight_smile:

Hey all,

Is it possible to change the card that I subscribed with after the fact? For instance, transfer the billing from my debit card to my credit card, or similar.

Also, should it work with American Express Bluebird? I ask because that card seems somehow different from other prepaid cards.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, you can change your card info on after you log in; go into account management. :cool:

Thanks Grant! It’s so nice to work with developers who care about their community :smiley:

The Unreal Engine Launcher says “subscribe” instead of “launch” (or whatever it says when it recognize that I’m actually a subscriber). When I visit my account/dashboard it correctly state that I’m a subscriber… what’s up?

fixed just restart… :expressionless:


im getting the famous error code “Payment is declined” too. I´ve also contact the and the response was “…We apologize for the issues you are having. Please be assured we are working to find a solution…” so looks like we’ll have to wait.

Best regards

Hi Devils_x, if you haven’t already done so please let us know your region/country/locale and the issuing bank of your card, and what type of card it is. Those information will help us clear these problems. :slight_smile: We will also notify you when more options are available for you or if a fix is ready for you. In the mean-time, some Unreal Engine community members seem to have thought up a work-around - purchasing US issued prepaid credit cards from Visa or MasterCard. :slight_smile: We apologize for this inconvenience and will definitely address these issues!

i am sorry but it simed to me that i stuck under legendary payment problem * your payment credit card is invalid* (debit card sberbank of russia) can you give solutiton in that matter plaease
P.S forgive my gramar

Guys, please prioritise access for Asia. At present, most of us can’t give you money no matter which card we use - you’re not accepting any payments from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

I see your current payment service is managed by the investment bank JP Morgan Chase. Can’t you just give us Paypal? It’s a proven solution that works for everyone worldwide.