Please point me in the right direction for optimization my Simulator.

So, there is essentially zero optimization in my simulator. I was hoping a beefy rig would help (1080TI on 7700k) however I’m starting to learn just how exponential inefficiencies can be.

Please check a look at (birds eye glance)

And early scenario glance

to get an idea of what I am dealing with. I watched Epic’s livestream from 2015 on optimization and learned to poke around with the profiler/gpu visualizer.

My stat units are consistently 30-35 m/s, all on GPU mainly. This seems consistent whether I am looking straight down or at something (with the exception of my particle systems, most of which are horrendously inefficient). Also, and probably, more importantly, is that performance does NOT widely vary when I am using LOW scalability settings or EPIC. I feel like that must be hugely important.

Attached is a pic of the profile. Mainly it says shadow depths and Lights (Standard Deferred Simple Lights, 13.05 m/s!!!)…what confuses me is that, if I set engine scalability to LOW, that should turn off most of those lights correct?

I know i’m doing something wrong I’m just not entirely sure of what I don’t know.